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The Functions of Organs of Speech in Communication and Pedagogical Implications for Students Learning and Speaking English as Second Language | Chapter 14 | Selected Topics in Humanities and Social Sciences Vol. 6

The purpose of the research is to determine: (a) the fluency and articulation of speech sounds, (b) the x-ray of the various speech organs, and (c) the function of each organ of speech. Each articulator or speech organ performs a unique and important function in the creation of speech sounds. These speech sounds make it easier for people to communicate. In human communication, the tongue, lips, teeth, lungs, vocal cords, velum, soft and hard palate, larynx, and pharynx are all essential articulators. The functions of speech organs or articulators, as well as their educational implications, were investigated in this study. The research was aided by the various portions of the schematic of the organs of speech. The study found that the ear plays a significant role in sound creation as a speech organ. The study also revealed that second language (L2) learners and speakers may improve their fluency and articulation by studying the organs of speech. The study concluded, among other things
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Drinking Behaviour among Undergraduates in Adekunle Ajasin University: A Function of Parental Alcohol Use and Personality Traits | Chapter 13 | Selected Topics in Humanities and Social Sciences Vol. 6

One of the most common mental health concerns among young adults today is alcohol intake, misuse, and abuse. This behaviour was seen among Adekunle Ajasin University undergraduates both on and off campus. As a result, this study looked into the contexts in which this behaviour, which is of great worry to the university administration, happens, in order to come up with a solution to the problem. There were 240 people in attendance. Females (150), males (150). (90). Parental alcohol consumption was found to be a causal factor [(beta)=.20, p.01] in hierarchical regression, and personality also substantially predicted this behaviour. Conscientiousness [(beta)=-.03, p.01], Extraversion [(beta)=-.03]. [(beta)=.33, p.01], as well as Neuroticism [(beta)=.15, p.05]. Males were discovered to be more involved in the act than females. Freshmen and students at lower levels of study drink more than those at higher levels of study, indicating the conformity and immaturity that define this age group,

Study on Contributive Effects of Factors Militating Against Effective Use of Authoring Tools in Teaching and Learning | Chapter 12 | Selected Topics in Humanities and Social Sciences Vol. 6

As a consequence of the growth of information, communication, and diverse technologies, teachers in many fields of education have become more relevant and competent in their instruction delivery. Many, rather than just one, writing tools are freely available on the internet for instructors to use whenever they choose, even if they have no prior knowledge of coding or programming. In this study, students from Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education, Michael Otedola College of Primary Education, and Lagos State University in Lagos State, Nigeria participated in a 4-week descriptive survey. The main roadblocks to effective usage of writing tools in the teaching and learning process were identified. SES (Socio-Economic Status), low computer competence, time restrictions, data plan fees, inconsistent power supply, and knowledge of the tools' availability all have a major influence on their use, according to our findings. Finally, we proposed that teachers benefit from power stability, i

Study About Elimination of User-Fees in Tertiary Education: A Distributive Analysis for Ecuador | Chapter 11 | Selected Topics in Humanities and Social Sciences Vol. 6

This chapter presents fresh facts and methodologies for analysing the distributive impact of Ecuador's uniform government policy to abolish user fees in public colleges. The major justification for eliminating user fees in higher education is that it will boost the number of impoverished students enrolling. Tuition charge elimination is considered to be a progressive approach in this respect. However, reliable research based on various panel data sets shows that removing tuition fees has no substantial influence on tertiary education possibilities. Furthermore, two years after its introduction, the policy becomes regressive. The results, on the other hand, are dependent on the welfare measure utilised, which is either the assets index or income poverty. In any event, the data demonstrate that the policy had non-progressive consequences at the very least.   Author (S) Details Juan Ponce Latin-American Faculty of Social Sciences-FLACSO La Pradera E7-174 y Av. Diego de Almagro

Determination of Entrepreneurial Intentions among STEM and Non-STEM Students in Nigerian Tertiary Institutions | Chapter 10 | Selected Topics in Humanities and Social Sciences Vol. 6

This article is divided into sections that cover entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial education, the makeup of STEM and NON-STEM courses, STEM education, and students' desire to participate in entrepreneurship in these two areas. In recent years, the academic literature on entrepreneurship has increased considerably, establishing itself as a significant and current area of study in academia for producing jobs and wealth to solve the problem of unemployment and poverty in emerging nations. According to previous studies, such measures are important for recovering the economy of rising nations that have been devastated. As a result, developing-country education curricula have been changed to include entrepreneurial instruction. On the other hand, students' engagement in entrepreneurship based on STEM and non-STEM themes vary. While most studies have focused on entrepreneurship and the opportunities it provides for students and society as a whole, the desire of students to engage i

Ferguson, Kennedy, Kissinger, and Vietnam: A Fresh Look | Chapter 9 | Selected Topics in Humanities and Social Sciences Vol. 6

Ferguson's in-depth biography gives insight into the policies and personalities that led to the United States' full-fledged involvement in Vietnam. He shows that Kissinger was not the one-dimensional realist some have assumed based on his early academic papers combining Kantian philosophy and nineteenth-century diplomacy, but that this was not the case. Kissinger supported idealist principles, believed Prince Metternich was backward-looking, and had significant doubts about Bismarck's power tactics, according to Ferguson... Ferguson's examination of Kissinger's Vietnam record throughout the Kennedy and Johnson administrations reveals that, while he criticised the general war strategy's implementation, he never opposed it. Both Ferguson and Kissinger dismiss evidence that Kennedy was changing his mind about Vietnam and that major intra-Vietnam peace discussions were taking place in 1963. Such omissions provide the impression of historical alternatives that aren&#

Determining the Diversion as a Gratification Factor Influencing Mobile Phone Technology Use by Public University Students in Nairobi, Kenya | Chapter 8 | Selected Topics in Humanities and Social Sciences Vol. 6

Diversion as a reward element affecting mobile phone technology usage by public university undergraduate students in Nairobi, Kenya is the focus of this study. The study's goal was to see how distraction affected undergraduate university students' use of mobile phones. The uses and gratifications theory and media technological determinism hypothesis were used in the research. The target demographic consisted of 246,871 undergraduate university students in Nairobi, Kenya's public universities. Quantitative research was employed in this study. Self-administered questionnaires were utilised to collect data for the study. Purposive sampling was used in this study to get a sample size of 573 undergraduate students. The data was examined using descriptive and inferential statistics before being processed using SPSS version 22. Mobile phone technology has been crucial in diversion activities among undergraduate university students, according to the findings. The study found that t