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A Brief Study of Middleware Technologies: Programming Applications and Management Systems | Chapter 15 | Novel Research Aspects in Mathematical and Computer Science Vol. 1

  Many platforms, services, applications, hardware, and operating systems are connected through the middleware layer. Because the middleware layer abstracts much low-level complexity and makes applications and software systems portable, it allows disparate systems to interface and function together in harmony. Middleware technologies enable software engineers to swiftly construct software systems and applications, allowing developers to focus on more important tasks. This chapter examines several types of middleware systems and discusses middleware capabilities, middleware operation, middleware's function in cloud-based systems, and the best middleware platforms to use. Middleware systems are widely utilised and can be found in practically any software system or application. Middleware programmes provide as a link between many sorts of systems and protocols. They serve as a mechanism for various systems. To successfully exchange information, it runs on a variety of operating system

Efficacy and Safety of Intravenous Ketamine Anaesthesia in a Suburban Nigerian Hospital | Chapter 10 | New Horizons in Medicine and Medical Research Vol. 8

  The goal of this retrospective study was to highlight intravenous ketamine use in a general practise hospital in Auchi, Nigeria. Case records of all patients who were operated on using intravenous ketamine were collected and significant data was taken for the study from January 1994 to January 2014. A total of 1,370 patients were operated on, including 463 (33.8%) major operations and 907 (66.2%) intermediate/minor procedures. Males (725 [53.0 percent]) were operated on more than females (725 [53.0 percent]) (645 [47.0 percent ]). Side events included transitory hypertension with moderate tachycardia, postoperative disorientation and confusion, emergent delirium, and priapism in 31 people. Intravenous ketamine anaesthesia has been demonstrated to have high clinical efficacy and safety in these patients. Author(S) Details G. B. S. Iyalomhe Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics,Faculty of Clinical Sciences,College of Medicine ,Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma, Nigeria. S. I.

A Prospective Study about Safety and Efficacy of Perioperative Lidocaine Infusion | Chapter 09 | New Horizons in Medicine and Medical Research Vol. 8

 Opioids cause clinically significant side effects such as respiratory depression, immunosuppression, muscle rigidity, negative inotropism, nausea, vomiting, hyperalgesia, urine retention, postoperative ileus, and drowsiness. Perioperative opioids are a major contributor to the United States' and other countries' opioid epidemics. Non-opioid analgesics, particularly lidocaine, are becoming more common for perioperative use as a result of this. A total of 185 adult patients were randomly assigned to one of two groups: control group I (105 patients) [fentanyl group] or group ii (80 patients) [opioid-free anaesthesia group]. Lidocaine 1.5 mg/kg bolus followed by 1.5 mg/kg/h infusion intraoperatively, and 1.5-2 mg/kg/h infusion for 2-8 hours postoperatively were given to patients in both groups at anaesthetic induction. Intraoperatively, both groups received analgesic adjuvants such as diclofenac 75 mg, paracetamol 1 gm, and mgso4 30-50 mg/kg. If the mean arterial pressure (map)

Patients’ Perspective of Acute Post-operative Pain Management: A Multicentre Survey of Tertiary Hospitals in Maharashtra, India | Chapter 08 | New Horizons in Medicine and Medical Research Vol. 8

 When postoperative pain is adequately controlled, patients' satisfaction and patient-related outcomes (PROs) increase. Understanding the patients' perspective is crucial since it supports in the formulation of improvement strategies. Because wrong attitudes and assumptions might block pain alleviation, patients' attitudes and beliefs are critical. As a result, a multicenter study of patients' attitudes, beliefs, experiences, and satisfaction levels with acute postoperative pain management was done in Maharashtra's tertiary hospitals. In addition, the responses were examined to evaluate if the Acute Pain Service (APS) resulted in improved patient outcomes and satisfaction. A 13-item questionnaire adapted from previous studies was used to capture patients' experiences with postoperative pain treatment. The responses of 179 patients are included in the study. The findings revealed that 91.6 percent of patients experienced postoperative pain, with 75.5 percent

A Case Report on Delayed Diagnosis of Glioblastoma | Chapter 07 | New Horizons in Medicine and Medical Research Vol. 8

  The clinical and radiological indications of a concomitant tumour may be hidden by the rupture of a cerebral aneurysm. The goal of this study is to raise awareness about the dangers of delayed diagnosis by recounting the case of a patient who had a subarachnoid haemorrhage that hid the presence of a glioblastoma for several months. Only a few similar cases have been recorded in the literature: The therapy of two recent severe neurosurgical illnesses is discussed in this article. Author(S) Details Gabriele Ronchetti Department of Neurosurgery, Ospedale San Giovanni Bosco, ASL Cittá di Torino, Italy. Carlo Giussani Department of Surgery and Translational Medicine, San Gerardo Hospital, University of Milano Bicocca, via Pergolesi 33, 20900, Monza, Italy. View Book:-

Scientific values of ECA Ligation | Chapter 06 | New Horizons in Medicine and Medical Research Vol. 8

  Previously, carotid artery ligation was done as an emergency procedure to stop severe haemorrhages in the head and neck. Despite this, it was abandoned because to high patient mortality and morbidity. However, ECA ligation, a more selective branch of the carotid artery, has been popular for the same goal in recent decades due to the lack of or modest postsurgical problems compared to Transarterial embolization (TAE). However, a good surge seal pack, especially in the maxilla, is occasionally required to regulate both collateral circulation and backflow of blood from the internal carotid arteries distal to the carotid arteries (ICA). ECA ligation, on the other hand, might be a superior alternative for controlling life-threatening uncontrolled bleeding in this area. Author(S) Details Jachmen Sultana Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Dhaka Dental College and Hospital, Bangladesh. Abul Bashar Department of Paediatrics, Comilla Medical College and Hospital, Bangladesh.

Ethnopharmacological Survey among Traditional Medicine Practitioners in Abidjan (Côte d'Ivoire) for the Management of Pathologies such as Malaria, ENT Diseases, Diarrhea, Typhoid Fever and Anemia | Chapter 05 | New Horizons in Medicine and Medical Research Vol. 8

 Traditional Medicine Practitioners (TMPs) of Côte d'Ivoire are familiar with the therapeutic herbs. Medicinal plants have been shown to be useful in the treatment of common diseases such as malaria (KROA, 2004) and diabetes (N'GUESSAN et al, 2013) in several studies and scientific study. In the Abidjan District, the current policy is to integrate traditional medicine and pharmacopoeia into the national health system in order to improve population health coverage, particularly in the management of commonly encountered diseases such as malaria, ENT diseases, diarrhoea, typhoid fever, and anaemia. This research aims to increase the use of traditional medicine and pharmacopoeia in the national health system. Over the course of three months, fifty (50) PMTs in the District of Abidjan participated in this study. Plant therapists accounted for 30 of the 50 PMTs polled at the end of the study, or 60%. Traditional medicine centres use 61 types of medicinal plants from 36 famili

Evaluation of Two Methods of Temperature Measurement in Children: Mercury-in-glass Thermometer (MIGT) versus Non-Touch Infrared Thermometer (NTIT) | Chapter 04 | New Horizons in Medicine and Medical Research Vol. 8

 Background: Obtaining an accurate temperature reading is a key step in evaluating health or sickness, particularly in youngsters, especially those with fever and immunocompromised individuals. Inaccurate temperature measurement might result in incorrect diagnosis, treatment, or action. Furthermore, some countries have expressed concern about the continued use of mercury-in-glass thermometers, citing concerns that their disposal after use could contaminate soil and water, eventually ending up in human food or drink. As a result, a gradual shift to other temperature measurement methods is recommended. There are several ways for measuring temperature, and comparing them allows for the selection of a method that is close to optimal in terms of speed, safety, and accuracy. In the Paediatric age range, this study attempted to compare the forehead non-touch infrared thermometer with the axillary mercury-in-glass technique of temperature assessment. This would aid in determining the risk of

Morphometric Variations of Frontal Sinus in Pediatric Age Group in Central India – A Study | Chapter 03 | New Horizons in Medicine and Medical Research Vol. 8

 The goal of this study was to learn about gender-specific developmental and structural variations of the frontal sinuses in children in the Gurugram area of Haryana (Central India). The pattern of skeletal growth is predicted by the development and pneumatization of the frontal sinuses. The development of the craniofacial structures is proportional to the rest of the body's structures. Methods: Between January and March 2019, a total of 36 patients were investigated in the Department of Radio-diagnosis at SGT Medical College, Hospital and Research Institute in Budhera (Gurugram), Haryana. Between the ages of 8 and 18, there were 12 females and 24 males. The morphological parameters of the frontal sinuses were evaluated. The plain X-ray of the paranasal sinuses was analysed using Caldwell's perspective. The average width and height of the left frontal sinuses were 23.8 mm and 28.4 mm, respectively, ranging from 5.5 to 43 mm and 13 to 45 mm. With a range of 9.8 – 39 mm and 1

STK1p Based on the Serum Thymidine Kinase 1 as a Tumour Proliferation Marker Detected for Risk Assessment of Pre-carcinoma to Carcinoma Colorectal Progression: A Meta-Analysis | Chapter 02 | New Horizons in Medicine and Medical Research Vol. 8

  The goal of this study was to see if serum thymidine kinase 1 concentration (STK1p) could be used to predict the likelihood of progression from colorectal adenoma polyp/dysplasia to colorectal carcinoma using the TK1-IgY-pAb (CRC). The current meta-analysis looked at 25 papers that included patients with CRC (n=2,251), patients with colorectal polyp/dysplasia (n=1,165), and tumor-free controls (n=1,887). From January 1, 2009, to January 31, 2022, the publications were gathered from PubMed, Embase, CENTRAL, CNKI, WanFang, VIP, and SinoMed databases. To calculate the mean difference, articles were analysed using fixed or random effect models. The Newcastle-Ottawa Scale was used to evaluate the quality of the studies that were gathered. The PRISMA statement was followed in the meta-analysis. STK1p was found to be a significant differentiator between tumor-free persons and those with CRC and colorectal adenoma polyp/dysplasia (p0.0001). Meanwhile, STK1p levels in CRC patients reduced by

A Case Report on Extranodal (Cutaneous) Rosai Dorfman | Chapter 01 | New Horizons in Medicine and Medical Research Vol. 8

  Rosai Dorfman disease is a rare histiocytic illness that mostly affects the cervical lymph nodes and has no recognised cause. It is highly rare for extranodal involvement to occur. The authors describe a case of extranodal skin involvement in a young guy. Radiation therapy is a treatment that is rarely utilised. Surgical removal is the therapy of choice for skin involvement. Author(S) Details Ashwini Khadatkar Department of Pathology, SMBT Medical College, Ghoti, Nashik, Maharashtra, India. Nishant Ghodake Department of Dermatology, SMBT Medical College, Ghoti, Nashik, Maharashtra, India. View Book:-

Preventive Measures for Operating Room and Personnel during COVID-19 Pandemic in Case, When Clinic is Not Yet on Front-Line | Chapter 19 | New Horizons in Medicine and Medical Research Vol. 8

  The new COVID-19 has had a tremendous impact on all aspects of life around the world from the beginning of 2020. Despite the lack of a particular cure for this disease, the necessity of taking preventative measures cannot be stressed. Although prevention of pandemic transmission is especially important in hospital settings, if COVID-19 clinics are frequently treating infected patients while following all recommended preventive regulations, clinics that are not yet treating these patients are continuously on the watch for COVID-19. As a result, preventive measures for clinics not yet on the front lines are specialised, and distance work, a sufficient number of diagnostic tests, and protective equipment are required. The creation of interchangeable health-care teams is a crucial step in the prevention process. In this piece, we'll look at how these hospitals plan to keep operating room employees safe during the COVID-19 epidemic. Author(S) Details Vakhtang Shoshiashvili Faculty

Anaesthesia for Laser Ablation and Debulking of Juvenile Onset Recurrent Respiratory Papillomata (RRP) Using Target Control Infusion (TCI) and Manujet 3 for High Pressure Source Ventillation (HPSV) | Chapter 18 | New Horizons in Medicine and Medical Research Vol. 8

  Respiratory problems, blockage, hypoxia, and mortality can all result from laryngeal papilloma. Children's diagnoses are delayed as a result of increasingly common childhood illnesses. Early diagnosis is achieved using fibre optic bronchoscopy. Anesthesia incorporating TCI and jet ventilation (HPSV) is a suitable method for surgical debulking of laryngeal papillomata in operations involving a shared airway. Following safe practise guidelines can assure a positive outcome and reduce difficulties, but clinical practise will necessitate experienced individuals. In operations requiring airway disease, apnoeic oxygenation is utilised to prevent early desaturation and maintain oxygen saturation. Vaccination against the human papillomavirus (HPV) reduces the disease's prevalence. Author(S) Details B. A. Bulbulia Garden City Clinic, Johannesburg, South Africa. M. R. Ahmed Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital, Johannesburg, South Africa. View Book:-

Evidence-Based Nursing Practice Barriers in ICU | Chapter 17 | New Horizons in Medicine and Medical Research Vol. 8

  The goal of this study was to look into the factors that influence evidence-based practise among critical care nurses in Qatar. A cross-sectional survey was utilised to collect data from 278 nurses from February to March 2021 using the Barriers to Research Utilization Scale (BTRUS). The BTRUS collected data on the many information sources used by nurses for practise support, potential barriers to evidence-based practise, and perceived abilities in applying research-based evidence. The most significant organisational constraints were a lack of time, lack of empowerment to adjust Practice, a lack of support from colleagues in incorporating research evidence, and a lack of access to research articles. Self-perceived barriers included the applicability of research data to current practise, studies with methodological flaws, scepticism about study results, a substantial amount of research evidence, and inability to understand statistics. Age, years of nursing practise, academic level, and

Serum Protein Levels in Oral Submucous Fibrosis Patients | Chapter 16 | New Horizons in Medicine and Medical Research Vol. 8

 The goal of this study was to examine total protein, albumin, and uric acid levels in patients with oral submucous fibrosis. Patients were divided into three groups: Group I consisted of 25 healthy people, Group II consisted of 25 people who chewed tobacco but didn't have OSMF, and Group III consisted of 25 people who chewed tobacco but didn't have OSMF. The mean serum levels of Total protein decreased from group I to group III, although the difference was not statistically significant. Albumin levels in the blood reduced from group I to group III, with statistically significant differences (p 0.05). Uric acid levels in the blood dropped from group I to group II, and the difference was statistically significant (p 0.05). Local irritants such as capsaicin, nicotine, betel nut, punget, and spicy food, as well as chronic candidiasis, iron and nutritional inadequacies, human papillomavirus (HPV), genetic abnormalities, Herpes simplex virus (HSV), and human autoimmunity, can

“Syndrome of Contractures and Deformities” According to Prof. Hans Mau as the Primary Cause of Hip, Neck, Shank and Spine Deformities in Babies, Youth and Adults | Chapter 15 | New Horizons in Medicine and Medical Research Vol. 8

  The Syndrome of Contractures and Deformities (SofCD) is thought to be the result of abnormalities in the locomotor system in children, as well as inadequacy and pain in adults. Prof. Hans Mau claims that there is a list of symptoms that can be seen in neonates and babies. He refers to this condition as the "Seven Contracture Syndrome" (or "Siebenersyndrom" in German). The authors describe the eighth abnormality, namely the varus deformity of shanks, in this publication from 2006. The Syndrome of Contractures and Deformities, as the primary cause of wry neck (torticollis) and one of the four causes of Blount disease, is thoroughly discussed in this article, as well as its impact on the development of hip dysplasia. In addition, the biomechanical origin of so-called idiopathic scoliosis is explained. Author(S) Details Karski Tomasz Vincent Pol University in Lublin, Poland. Karski Jacek Medical University in Lublin, Poland. Pyrc Jaroslaw Department of Traum

Study on the Relationship between Macrovascular and Microvascular Hemodynamics | Chapter 14 | New Horizons in Medicine and Medical Research Vol. 8

  The goal of this research is to see if there is a link between macrovascular hemodynamic status and microvascular hemodynamic parameters in periodontal disease patients. The interactions between the macrovasculature and microvasculature have received little attention, but a better knowledge of these vessels' interconnections could lead to new therapeutic and management targets. Seventeen adult patients are voluntarily recruited at the Dentistry Department of the "Mater Domini" University of Catanzaro, with sampling that determines the lipid profile, blood glucose, inflammatory mediators, and blood plasma viscosity: anamnesis, blood pressure measurement, and detection of anthropometric parameters: eco-Doppler of the carotid and brachial arteries with noninvasive hemodynamic measurements and evaluation of inflammation and phlegm The locations with a high probing depth differ from healthy ones in that they had poor oxygen saturation and a significant rise in tissue edoema,

Current Challenges Arising during Pandemic COVID-19: A Mini Review | Chapter 13 | New Horizons in Medicine and Medical Research Vol. 8

 The severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2; also known as 2019 novel coronavirus or 2019-nCoV) disease (COVID-19) outbreak that occurred in China at the end of 2019 is one of the most serious health issues. In February, the World Health Organization reported that over 43 000 well-confirmed cases had been diagnosed in a variety of nations and locations around the world, the majority of which were in China. COVID-19 was declared the sixth public health crisis of global concern by the World Health Organization (WHO) at the end of January 2020. COVID-19 is regarded as one of the most aggressive pandemics that have occurred in recent decades, beginning in Whuhan, China, then spreading worldwide. Every country faces several obstacles during a pandemic, but education is the most pressing and one of the most significant. The following are some of the challenges that have arisen as a result of the COVID pandemic: Psychological Learning and Instruction Well-bein

Traditional Uses of Medicinal Plants at Badami Taluk, Karnataka : A Recent Study | Chapter 12 | New Horizons in Medicine and Medical Research Vol. 8

  Local vaidhyas have had a traditional awareness of medicinal plants and their usage in local health care since the Vedic era. Screening medicinal plants for bio-dynamic compounds with therapeutic utility has become a promising source of bio-dynamic molecules in phytochemical research. Ethnobotanical documentation is one means of capturing this body of knowledge. As a result, traditional healers in Bagalkot district's Badami taluk performed a survey of medicinal plants and their traditional uses. The history of medicinal plants in Badami taluk dates back to the Chalukyan period. Author(S) Details A. A. Topalakatti S.V.P.V.V. Samstha’s S.S.B.M Degree College, Badami-587201, India. View Book:-

Perception of Female Surgical Residents of Their Training in the Examination of Male Genitalia in Makkah Hospitals, KSA | Chapter 11 | New Horizons in Medicine and Medical Research Vol. 8

 The purpose of this study is to analyse female surgical residents' perceptions and confidence in clinical examinations of inguinal hernia and intimates of opposite sex in five hospitals in Makkah, Saudi Arabia. The study also aimed to offer light on the challenges and effects of various teaching modes currently in use in undergraduate education. Deficits in the clinical examination abilities of female surgical residents of the male groyne hernia and genitalia have not been addressed or researched in the Arab and Muslim communities, despite apparent cultural constraints and religious traditions. The ethnic backgrounds of the children have also influenced their future education and skills. Many systems' examinations for patients are deemed particularly sensitive to execute by students and experts of both sexes due to their sensitive character. Methods: A cross-sectional approach was used, with 80 female surgical resident trainees from five hospitals in Makkah, Saudi Arabia, re