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PSO Based Emotional BPN and RBF Neural Network Models for Wind Speed Prediction | Book Publisher International

The present research focuses on developing certain proposed machine learning neural network architectures along with certain mathematical criterion and stochastic population based swarm intelligence technique particle swarm optimization inspired by nature behavior to carry out wind speed prediction in renewable energy systems with real time wind farm datasets. In the developed machine learning model, the work concentrated on developing emotional neural network architecture models that are optimized employing the particle swarm optimization approach and the optimized emotional models are employed to carry out effective wind speed prediction for the given real time wind farm data. Four neural network models are proposed – PSO – EBPN (Emotional Back Propagation Neural Network) model, PSO – ERBFNN (Emotional Radial Basis Function Neural Network) model, PSO – EBPN model with hidden neuron criterion and PSO – ERBFNN model with hidden neuron criterion and as well all these four network mod

General Details of Chili | Book Publisher International

Food and medical usages of chili: Capsicum is a genus of flowering plants in the nightshade family Solanaceae. Its species are native to the Americas. Chili fruit was consumed as food and medicine. Capsicum contains capsaicin (methyl vanillyl nonenamide), named capsaicin. Pungency is caused by the presence of capsaicinoids. Bell pepper and other chilies are excellent sources of carotenoids, vitamins and many elements. Production area of chili & import and export of chili in Thailand: In 2012, China was the first among all nations in harvested area of chili and fresh chili production. Thailand ranked 63th in harvested area of chili and ranked 60th in fresh chili production. Thailand imports a large amount of chili which is much higher than exported amount. Hybrid and open-pollinated chili seeds are produced in Thailand. The seeds are exported at higher amount compared to import. Classification of chilies: Phylogenetical relationships and plant morphologies are used in

Solve Special Case of Some Guran Problems | Chapter 10 | Theory and Applications of Mathematical Science Vol. 2

Throughout this paper, all topological groups are assumed to be topological differential manifolds and algebraically free, our aim in this paper is to prove the open problems number (7) and (8). Which are introduced by Guran, I [1]. In many cases of spaces and under a suitable conditions. therefore, we denote by I(X) and I(Y) to be a free topological groups over a topological spaces X and Y respectively where X and Y are assumed to be a non- empty sub manifolds Which are also a closed sub sets, and P is a classes of topological spaces, as a regular, normal, Tychonoff, lindelöf, separable connected, compact and Zero- dimensional space, and we have tried to use a hereditary properties and others of these spaces, so we can prove the open problems in these cases and we have many results showed in this paper. Author(s) Details Salwa Yacoub Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, Tishreen University, Lattakia, Syria. Ahmad Alghoussein Department of Mathematics, Facu

On the Domination Conditions for Families of Quasinearly Subharmonic Functions | Chapter 09 | Theory and Applications of Mathematical Science Vol. 2

Domar has given a condition that ensures the existence of the largest subharmonic minorant of a given function. Later Rippon pointed out that a modification of Domar’s argument gives in fact a better result. Using our previous, rather general and flexible modifications of Domar’s original argument, we extend their results both to the subharmonic and to the quasinearly subharmonic settings. Author(s) Details Juhani Riihentaus Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Oulu, P.O. Box 3000, FI-90014 Oulun Yliopisto, Finland and Department of Physics and Mathematics, University of Eastern Finland, P.O. Box 111, FI-80101 Joensuu, Finland. View full book:

Existence of Solution of Nonlinear Functional Integral Equation Via Measure of Non-Compactness | Chapter 08 | Theory and Applications of Mathematical Science Vol. 2

The aim of this chapter is to present the existence result for solution of nonlinear Volterra-Hammerstein-Fredholm integral equation (in short VHFIE) under some conditions. The main tools are Darbo’s fixed point theorem involving measure of noncompactness for investigating the existence of solution of nonlinear Volterra-Hammerstein-Fredholm integral equation. An application and illustrative example of Volterra-Hammerstein-Fredholm integral equation are also present in this chapter. Author(s) Details Mrs. Kavita Sakure Department of Mathematics, Govt. Digvijay Auto. P.G. College, Rajnandgaon, 491441, India. View full book:

Integrability and the Properties of Solutions to Euler and Navier-Stokes Equations | Chapter 07 | Theory and Applications of Mathematical Science Vol. 2

It is known that the Euler and Navier-Stokes equations, which describe flows of ideal and viscid gases, are the set of equations of the conservation laws for energy, linear momentum and mass. As it will be shown, the integrability and properties of the solutions to the Euler and Navier-Stokes equations depend, firstly, on the consistency of equations of the conservation laws and, secondly, on the properties of conservation laws. It was found that the Euler and Navier-Stokes equations have solutions of   two types, namely, the solutions that are not functions (depend not only on coordinates) and generalized solutions that are functions but realized discretely and hence, functions or their derivatives have discontinuities. A transition from the solutions of first type to generalized solutions describes the process of transition of gas-dynamic medium from non-equilibrium state to the locally-equilibrium one. Such a process is accompanied by the emergence of any observable formation

(p, q)-Growth of Meromorphic Functions and the Newton-Pade Approximant | Chapter 06 | Theory and Applications of Mathematical Science Vol. 2

Author(s) Details Mohammed Harfaoui University Hassan II Mohammedia, Laboratory of Mathematics, Criptography and Mechanical F.S. T., BP 146, Mohammedia 20650, Morocco. View full book:

Common Fixed Point Theorems for a Pair of Self-Mappings in Fuzzy Cone Metric Spaces | Chapter 05 | Theory and Applications of Mathematical Science Vol. 2

In this chapter, we establish some common fixed point theorems for a pair of self mappings in fuzzy cone metric spaces under the generalize fuzzy cone contraction conditions. we extend and improve some recent results given in the literature. Author(s) Details Dr. Saif Ur Rehman Department of Mathematics, Gomal University, Dera Ismail Khan 29050, Pakistan. View full book:

Necessary and Sufficient Condition of Existence for the Quadrature Surfaces Free Boundary Problem | Chapter 04 | Theory and Applications of Mathematical Science Vol. 2

Author(s) Details Dr. Mohammed Barkatou Innovation in Sciences, Technology and Modeling Laboratory, University of Chouaïb Doukkali, Morocco. View full book:

Analysis of Probabilistic Distributions and Uncertainty of Information Flow at Administrative Workflows | Chapter 01 | Theory and Applications of Mathematical Science Vol. 2

Common methods found in the market such as LEAN, AGILE, SCRUM are short and insufficient to generate a high level of efficiency in discrete-continuous variables based workflows and aspects of classification, decidability and analysis remains mostly copies of successful cases. The new metric and theoretical framework proposed in this article allows qualitative classification and analysis of workflows in close proximity to qualitative theory of differential equations (QDE), raising the possibility of fulfill the gaps existent in the commercial and popular methods. These metrics are also the result of research carried out in the view of the difficulty of characterizing the solidity aspect of workflows and enabling continuous improvements as a complex adaptive system (CAS). Author(s) Details Charles Roberto Telles Department of Research Advisory, Secretary of State for Education and Sport, Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil. View full book:

Statistical Distribution Analysis Implementation Using PROLOG and MATLAB for Wind Energy | Chapter 02 | Theory and Applications of Mathematical Science Vol. 2

This paper analyses wind speed characteristics and wind power potential of Naganur site using statistical probability parameters. A measured 10-minute time series average wind speed over a period of 4 years (2006- 2009) was obtained from Site. The results of mean wind speed data is the first step of prediction of wind speed data of the site under consideration and a PROLOG program was designed and developed to calculate the Annual mean wind speed data of the site and to assess the wind power potentials, MATLAB programming is used. The Weibull two parameters (k and c) were computed in the analysis of wind speed data. The data used were real time site data and calculated by using the MATLAB programming to determine and generate the Weibull and Rayleigh distribution functions. The monthly values of k range from 2.21 to 8.64 and the values of c ranged from 2.28 to 6.80. The most probable wind speed and corresponding maximum energy are in the range of 2.45 to 6.52 and 3.10 to 6.26 respec

An Efficient Algorithm for Computation of a Minimum Average Distance Tree on Trapezoid Graphs | Chapter 03 | Theory and Applications of Mathematical Science Vol. 2

Author(s) Details Dr. Sukumar Mondal Department of Mathematics, Raja N. L. Khan Women's College (Autonomous), Gope Palace, Paschim Medinipur, 721 102, West Bengal, India. View full book:

Attitude and Perception to Tattoos and Scarified Skin Marks in Makurdi, North Central Nigeria | Chapter 13 | Innovations in Medicine and Medical Research Vol. 1

Aim: Tattoo art which has been practiced all over the world for centuries is undergoing a revolution. Some people like it, others don’t. The aim of the study was to estimate the prevalence of tattooing among students and residents of Makurdi, like or dislike, who gave consent before tattooing, symbolism/motive of tattooing and whom to go to for removal of tattoos. Study Design: A survey research using structured questionnaire as instrument for data collection among students of Benue State University and residents of Makurdi over a period of one month in January, 2017. Methodology: Views of one hundred and seventy two residents and   students   in Makurdi, North Central Nigeria, were collated via a pre-tested structured questionnaire and analyzed on the basis of sex, age, like/dislike of tattoos, symbolism, consent given, whether one would tattoo himself if given a chance and what to do when one got tired of tattoos. Results: Two hundred and ten questionnaires were adm

Factors Affecting the Surgical Outcome of Primary Exotropia in Children | Chapter 12 | Innovations in Medicine and Medical Research Vol. 1

Objective: The objective of current study to evaluate the outcome results of the surgical correction and as well as the effects of some factors on the outcome and surgical response of primary exotropia. Study Design: Retrospective Clinical Study. Place and Duration of Study: Hamad Medical Corporation– Tertiary Hospital in Qatar, study done over six months. Methods: Medical records of patients who underwent surgical correction of primary exotropia procedures between the years 2008 and 2013 were retrospectively reviewed. Patients less than 15 years of age were included in the study and the following data were collected: Onset age of squint, age at surgery, type of exotropia, visual acuity, presence of amblyopia, anisometropia, refractive error (spherical equivalent), preoperative deviation, AV pattern, stereopsis, type of surgery and analysis using descriptive statistics, unpaired t- and chi-square statistical tests. Results: Of 74 patients we studied, 30 Male (40.