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A Rare Entity on Paediatric RCC with Sarcomatoid Variation | Chapter 24 | New Horizons in Medicine and Medical Research Vol. 1

 Wilms' tumour is the most common type of malignant kidney mass in children. The papillary subtype of RCC is the most frequent in this age range. Sarcomatoid variant is found in 5% of adult RCC cases, however it is extremely uncommon in children. In the management of paediatric RCC, there is no therapy protocol. The purpose of this paper is to discuss a case of a 10-year-old child who presented with an asymptomatic left flank tumour. The following is a case of a 10-year-old female who appeared with a mass on her left side. On histological analysis, radi- cal nephrectomy revealed clear cell carcinoma with sarcomatoid variant. Conclusion: Children with a sarcomatoid variant can develop RCC. More study and long-term follow-up is needed, however, before a treatment plan and prognostication criteria can be devised. Author(S) Details Anuj Mahajan Department of Urology, Father Muller Medical College and Hospital, Manga-Lore, Karnataka, India. Prashanth Adiga Department of Ur

Study on Randomized Clinical Trial Comparing Manual Suture and Different Models of Mechanical Suture in the Mimicking of Bariatric Surgery in Swine | Chapter 23 | New Horizons in Medicine and Medical Research Vol. 1

 Background: Differences in surgeon ability sparked the development of technologies that, by overcoming individual differences, allow for proper technique execution and the greatest possible final result. A procedure must be replicated consistently by the majority of surgeons in order for it to be adopted and recognised as effective. The goal of this study was to compare the results of manual sutures vs mechanical sutures in the treatment of gastroenteroanastomosis and enteroanastomosis in swine from the perspective of anatomic pathology utilising different models of linear mechanical staplers. The researchers employed 36 healthy, adult male Sus scrofa domesticus pigs that weighed between 20.7 and 25.5 kg. Group A, manual suture with Polysorb® 3-0 wire; group B, 80-shear linear stapler (Covidien® Gia 8038-S); group C, 75-shear linear stapler (Ethicon® Tlc 75); and group D, 75-shear linear stapler (Resource® Yq 75-3); and group E, 75-shear linear stapler (Resource® Yq 75-3). The f

Determination of Endoscopic Stapedotomy Technique and Its Audiological Outcome | Chapter 22 | New Horizons in Medicine and Medical Research Vol. 1

 Background: Sudan has been performing endoscopic stapedotomy for otosclerosis since 2011, with a growing number of patients. In this prospective hospital-based study, which spans from November 2016 to November 2020, the clinic-demographic characteristics of otosclerosis, as well as the surgical method and hearing result following endoscopic stapedotomy, are discussed. The total number of patients enrolled in the trial was 91. With a female to male ratio of 1.1:1, females were 48 and males were 43. The participants' ages ranged from 19 to 52, with a mean age of 30.6 7 SD years. The most common symptom was reduced hearing in all patients (100 percent); it was bilateral in 82 patients (90 percent), followed by tinnitus in 80 patients (88 percent), and vertigo in two patients (2.2 percent). Only two patients (2.2 percent) mentioned their family history. Audiological evaluation by pure tone audiogram (PTA) for each ear (total of 182) found that conductive hearing loss (CHL) was the m

An Unusual Case Presentation on Giant Non-Functioning Adrenocortical Carcinoma | Chapter 21 | New Horizons in Medicine and Medical Research Vol. 1

  A case of gigantic non-functioning adrenocortical carcinoma without pressure effects is shown here, which is a rare occurrence. Adrenocortical carcinoma is an uncommon tumour with a global incidence of 1 per million. The age distribution is bimodal, with maxima at 5-20 and 40-50 years old. Tumors that are larger than 9 cm frequently affect the inferior vena cava (IVC) or the right side of the heart. The carcinomas are functioning in 80% of cases. We present a case of a rare non-functioning adrenocortical carcinoma in a 40-year-old woman with an incidence of 0.5/million worldwide, no extra-adrenal dissemination at presentation, and no IVC or right ventricular involvement despite a tumour size of 12 cm. With regular follow-ups and disease-free life following the surgery, the patient had a successful surgical extirpation with adjuvant radiotherapy. Hormone levels in symptomatic and asymptomatic patients with adrenal masses must be determined. The possibility of adrenocortical carcinoma

Incidence of Scrub Typhus in a Tertiary Care Hospital in Kolkata, India: A Cross-sectional Study Approach | Chapter 20 | New Horizons in Medicine and Medical Research Vol. 1

 Scrub typhus is a disease caused by Orientia tsutsugamushi and spread by trombiculid mites in India. In India, it is a common cause of acute febrile sickness. Fever, headache, myalgia, and GI symptoms are common signs and symptoms, and it's usually coupled with a morbilliform rash (40 percent) and eschar (50 percent) caused by the mite's bite. In the early stages of disease, abnormal LFTs and lymphocytosis are prevalent. It's commonly referred to as PUO. Early diagnosis and treatment results in a high rate of complete recovery. The goal of this study was to bring attention to the prevalence of scrub typhus at a tertiary care hospital in Kolkata, India. From May to December 2019, the authors assessed 100 individuals who had a fever, malaise, headache, with or without rash, for more than a week. Fever profiles (Dengue NS1 antigen, MP, MPDA, TyphidotM) and cultures were performed as part of routine blood tests. Patients with lymphocytosis, hyponatremia, and transaminitis

A Case Report on Teriparatide Treatment in Non-Uniting Fracture | Chapter 19 | New Horizons in Medicine and Medical Research Vol. 1

  The goal of this case report is to describe the Indian experience with Teriparatide in 5 cases of delayed unions and non-unions, as well as in the setting of osteoporotic fractures. Fracture healing issues cause the rehabilitation process to be delayed, which has an influence on quality of life. Both society and patients have a financial burden as a result of the accompanying costs. No systemic treatment for fracture healing has been approved to yet. Teriparatide is a synthetic polypeptide hormone made up of the human parathyroid hormone fragments 1–34. A rising amount of research suggests that it can speed up fracture healing and mend non-unions, in addition to its well-known signal of osteoporosis. Our case report's main finding is that teriparatide is a potential medication not only for treating osteoporosis but also for accelerating fracture repair. Teriparatide therapy hastens healing, allowing patients to return to regular life and work sooner. It also improves medical reso

Assessing the Treatment of Nonuniting Fracture ICNF with Teriparatide in Young Adult Osteopenic Male | Chapter 18 | New Horizons in Medicine and Medical Research Vol. 1

  We present a case of a femur fracture in the intracapsular neck in a young adult osteopenic patient who had a nonunion and early symptoms of avascular necrosis despite surgical intervention. After a diagnosis of nonunion and avascular necrosis of the femoral neck, teriparatide was given in two monthly doses. Without further surgical intervention, a 90 percent effective union was obtained in two months, and no adverse effects connected to the administration of teriparatide were noted. Our case study demonstrates that teriparatide can be used instead of surgery in the case of ICNF nonunion with early symptoms of avascular necrosis. Author(S) Details Sujoy Kundu Residency Chamber, Mahendra Bhatcharya Road, Santragachi, Howrah, West Bengal, India. View Book:-

Determination of Complications using Different Techniques for Parotidectomy for Benign Tumors | Chapter 17 | New Horizons in Medicine and Medical Research Vol. 1

 The goal of this study was to conduct a long-term prospective study on procedure-related problems after parotid surgery for benign neoplasms (BNs). This is the first prospective study using extracapsular dissection (ECD) for BNs, with the purpose of determining the occurrence of postoperative sequelae after parotid surgery for BN. The results of a prospective study of parotidectomy for BN at a university hospital were analysed for temporary and long-term consequences. The rates of transitory facial palsy were 15.0 percent and 3.7 percent, respectively, immediately after surgery and 18 months later. Patients who received ECD, partial superficial, superficial, and whole parotidectomy had incidences of immediate postoperative facial palsy of 5.8%, 29.3%, 20.0 percent, and 44.1 percent, respectively. The presence of multiple and larger lesions, as well as the length and extent of surgery, were all significant risk factors for facial palsy. Conclusions: Postoperative facial palsy is

Study about Pleomorphic Lipoma- A Rare Pseudosarcomatous Lesion | Chapter 16 | New Horizons in Medicine and Medical Research Vol. 1

 Pleomorphic lipoma is a rare benign tumour that can resemble a variety of malignant tumours, with liposarcoma being the most prevalent. This pseudosarcomatous lesion is a benign lipoma that is uncommon. This study describes two examples of this lesion, one on the thigh and the other on the back of the neck, as well as a synopsis of the main clinical and morphological features of this uncommon tumour. The initial study for diagnosis is FNAC, which is followed by histological confirmation. The goal of this study was to emphasise the importance of various pseudo-sarcomatous lesions in routine cytology. Author(S) Details Neha Garg Shaheed Hasan Khan Mewati Government Medical College, Nalhar, Mewat, Haryana 122107 India. Sonia Hasija Shaheed Hasan Khan Mewati Government Medical College, Nalhar, Mewat, Haryana 122107 India. Shivani Kalhan Shaheed Hasan Khan Mewati Government Medical College, Nalhar, Mewat, Haryana 122107 India. Shweta Rana Shaheed Hasan Khan Mewati Governmen

Bone Mineral Density and Serum Minerals in Pre and Post-Menopausal Women: A Comparative Study | Chapter 15 | New Horizons in Medicine and Medical Research Vol. 1

 Osteoporosis is a bone disease that causes bone thinning and raises the risk of fractures. It literally means "porous bone," and it causes bone mass and strength to deteriorate. As the illness progresses, symptoms and pain become less common. Although the exact explanation is unknown, it can be avoided. After the age of 35, bone breakdown outpaces bone synthesis, resulting in a gradual decrease of bone mass. When bone loss exceeds a certain threshold, osteoporosis is diagnosed. After menopause, bone resorption (breakdown) outpaces bone production. Osteoporosis is a silent disease that manifests itself only as a decrease in bone density until a fracture occurs. Osteoporosis is one of the most rapidly increasing health issues among postmenopausal women. Osteoporotic fractures are increasingly recognised as a leading cause of illness and mortality among India's older women. The goal of this study was to see if there was a link between serum minerals and bone mineral densi

Implant Surgery and Assistant Guide: An Approach towards Surgery and Assistant’s Understanding | Chapter 14 | New Horizons in Medicine and Medical Research Vol. 1

 The purpose of this study is to introduce the role of dental hygienists during implant surgery. The study's goal is to encourage high-quality implant surgical assistance in order to boost implant surgery success rates. Background: Dental hygienists are service providers with knowledge, skills, and a customer-focused attitude. Dental hygienists examine and confirm the medical histories of patients who visit the dental clinic, monitor their overall health, and take immediate action if an infectious condition is discovered to cut off the infection channel and prevent infection within the dental office. Materials and Methods: During the treatment of patient K, who visited Y Dental Department in City G in January 2020, the authors introduce the implant surgery techniques. Surgical procedures and precautions are listed, with a focus on the use of dental hygienists during surgery. With illustrations and explanations, the tasks of a surgical assistant, patient management during surger

A Retrospective Study on Rising Trends of Caesarean Section | Chapter 13 | New Horizons in Medicine and Medical Research Vol. 1

 Background: The indications for Caesarean Section (CS) have evolved throughout time, as has the rate, which has been much studied. C-sections can without a doubt effectively prevent maternal and neonatal mortality when performed for a medical cause. However, little study has been done on the breadth of maternal indications and the effects of C-sections on the foetus. Methods: Data was gathered from patient files at the hospital's Medical Records Department between January and March 2012 and January and March 2017. A pre-designed proforma was utilised to record the pertinent information. The data was analysed using standard statistical procedures. The predominant causes of CS in both groups remained cephalopelvic disproportion (CPD) and foetal distress (FD), accounting for 50.4 percent in the 2012 group and 60.5 percent in the 2017 group. As a result of maternal demand and tubal ligations, CS trends are emerging. Though there was no significant rise in CS over the 5-year period

Low Friction Traction for Cervical Spine Dislocation: A Clinical Approach | Chapter 12 | New Horizons in Medicine and Medical Research Vol. 1

 We developed a method of skeletal traction based on minimising friction forces under the patient's head to lower the amount of the force applied to the skull for treating acute cervical spine dislocation. The goal is to reduce the risks associated with skull traction for cervical dislocation. Five individuals with cervical fracture dislocations had traction force applied to their skulls. A friction interface was developed between the patient's head and shoulder girdle. The traction weight required to reduce vertebral dislocation was significantly less than the estimated minimum traction weight in commonly used procedures (p= 0.013). The described method uses a minimal traction force to effectively and safely reduce the displaced cervical vertebra. Author(S) Details Lior Merom Department of Orthopaedics, Rambam-Health Care Campus, Israel. Michael Soudry Department of Orthopaedics, Rambam-Health Care Campus, Israel. Nahum Rosenberg Department of Orthopaedics, Ra

A Single Arterial Puncture for Blood-Gas Analysis Cause a Rare Complication: Radial Artery Pseudoaneurysm | Chapter 11 | New Horizons in Medicine and Medical Research Vol. 1

  Because of its improved safety profile, the radial artery has essentially replaced the femoral artery as the preferred access route. With a reported incidence of 0.048 percent, radial artery pseudoaneurysm due to arterial wall disruption is an extremely rare consequence of arterial cannulation. PA has previously been recorded following radial artery puncture for continuous blood pressure monitoring and serial blood-gas analysis; however, to our knowledge, only one case report of PA following a single arterial puncture for blood-gas analysis has been reported. The prevention and early detection of this consequence require identifying prospective high-risk individuals, guaranteeing longer compression in these patients, and close monitoring even after the compression bandage/hemostatic device is removed. This chapter will provide detailed information on the subject. Author(S) Details Kajal Patel Department of Radiology, G. R. Doshi and K. M. Mehta Institute of Kidney Diseases and Re

Clinico-Epidemiological Evaluation of Patients with Sinonasal Masses Attending a Tertiary Care Hospital in Jharkhand, India | Chapter 10 | New Horizons in Medicine and Medical Research Vol. 1

 Background: The nasal cavity can have a variety of masses that set it apart from the rest of the body. Nasal and paranasal sinus masses are prevalent in clinical practise. The study's goals were to analyse the clinico-epidemiological profile of nasal masses in patients who visited the ENT & HNS OPD at Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) in Ranchi from January 2013 to December 2015, and to categorise the nasal masses based on their proportion of occurrence. Methods: The goal of this retrospective study was to evaluate clinico-epidemiological data from the ENT Department's admission register at RIMS Ranchi from 2013 to 2015. The total sample size for this time period was 240. The templates were created with MS Excel sheets, and the analysis was done with SSPS software. Results: Based on a three-year data analysis of 240 patients, we discovered that nasal masses were more common in the 20-year-old age group (52%) and in males (68.4%), that the majority of the pa

Assessing the Practice of Female Genital Mutilation in the Paynesville Community, Liberia | Chapter 09 | New Horizons in Medicine and Medical Research Vol. 1

  Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), often known as female circumcision, is a deeply ingrained traditional and cultural practise that has long been practised in Liberia and across the African continent. In Liberia, various variations of the ritual are still practised by a number of ethnic groups. Because of the great level of secrecy surrounding its practise, FGM is considered a delicate topic. A standard questionnaire was provided to a sample size of 409 females in eight Paynesville settlements in an attempt to study the practise of FGM in the community. ELWA Community, Joe Bar, and 72nd, Jacob Town, Red Light/Gobachop, Pipeline, Soul Clinic, and Cocoa Cola Factory were the villages picked. FGM was practised by 43.03 percent (176) of the 409 females examined, according to the findings of the study. The Gbandi, Kpelle, Gio, Lorma, Vai, Mano, Bassa, and Kissi ethnic groups had the most positive respondents. The Americo-Liberians, Kru, Sarpo, and Grebo ethnic groups were the most vocal in

A Case Report on Unusual Severe Superolateral Dislocation of Right Condyle Associated with Sagittal Split of Articular Eminence in Pan-Facial Trauma Managed with Inverted L-Plate | Chapter 08 | New Horizons in Medicine and Medical Research Vol. 1

  A difficult case for a maxillofacial surgeon is head and neck trauma, because not only must pre-injury anatomy be restored, but also the cosmetic aspect must be enhanced. The treatment of such patients is challenging and frequently involves the participation of a multidisciplinary team. One of the leading causes of severe trauma is unprotected driving or high-velocity crashes. Pan-facial trauma affects not only normal face structure but also normal functions such as vision (dystopia, diplopia, enophthalmos), breathing (airway) and olfactory senses, mastication and natural occlusion and intercuspation, deglutition, and the patient's overall appearance. In such trauma patients, restoring and rehabilitating the pre-injury shape of the facial skeleton involves artistic labour on the part of the operative maxillofacial surgeon. In the case of trauma, open reduction and internal fixation (ORIF) under general anaesthesia is the therapeutic option (GA). Various methods for achieving near

Study on Pilates and Physiotherapy during Post Total Hysterectomy | Chapter 07 | New Horizons in Medicine and Medical Research Vol. 1

 Introduction: A rise in the number of women having hysterectomy before the age of 35 has been widely reported. With greater life expectancy and longevity, post-hysterectomy healthcare issues including as obesity, MSD, urine incontinence, and a lower quality of life become more prevalent. Amigos y Objetos The goal of the study was to examine the combined effects of Pilates and physiotherapy on obesity and to assess the impact of obesity reduction on quality of life and glycemic control in this study subject who had a hysterectomy and oophorectomy in Chennai in December 2015. Materials and Methodology: A 40-year-old woman with obesity and MSD who had undergone hysterectomy and bilateral oophorectomy was treated with a combination of Pilates and PT using the Physioball twice weekly from December 2016 to February 2017. Results: There was a statistically and functionally significant reduction in obesity P.05 and a better quality of life P.01 among the study subjects. Conclusion: Th

Determining the Effectiveness of Addition of Drug Teneligliptin to Metformin, Glimepiride, Pioglitazone Combination in Type II Diabetic Patients | Chapter 06 | New Horizons in Medicine and Medical Research Vol. 1

 Diabetes is a widespread chronic disease that has spread to epidemic proportions in almost every developed and developing country. Diabetes is the leading cause of death in the world, affecting about 400 million people. Aims and Objectives: To investigate the efficacy of combining Teneligliptin with Metformin, Glimepiride, and Pioglitazone in type 2 diabetic patients. Methodology: This was a one-year cross-sectional study on type II diabetic patients conducted in the Department of Medicine at a tertiary health care centre from January 2017 to January 2018. Out of all type II diabetes patients, 40 were randomly selected for hypoglycemic therapy with the medications Metformin, Glimepiride, and Pioglitazone. Of these, 20 were continued on the prior treatment (Group B), while the remaining 20 were given the extra drug Teneligliptin (Group A). The statistical analysis was carried out using the SPSS 19 version of software and included an unpaired t-test and a chi-square test. The aver

A Case of Primary Racemose Hemangioma: An Approach towards Disappearance of Endobronchial Lesion | Chapter 05 | New Horizons in Medicine and Medical Research Vol. 1

  The current study presents the first example in which bronchoscopy data validated the effect of bronchial artery embolization (BAE) on racemose hemangioma. An endobronchial lesion was successfully treated by bronchial artery embolization in a case of primary racemose hemangioma. According to the case report, evidence of the improvement of endobronchial lesions as well as vascular lesions following treatment is crucial. Author(S) Details Kazumi Kawabe Department of Respiratory Medicine, National Hospital Organization Wakayama Hospital, Japan. Seigo Sasaki Department of Respiratory Medicine, National Hospital Organization Wakayama Hospital, Japan. Yuichiro Azuma Department of Respiratory Medicine, National Hospital Organization Wakayama Hospital, Japan. Hideya Ono Department of Respiratory Medicine, National Hospital Organization Wakayama Hospital, Japan. Tadatoshi Suruda Hashimoto Municipal Hospital, Japan. Yoshiaki Minakata Department of Respiratory Medicine, Natio

A Case Report on Rhinoscleroma with Rosai–Dorfman Histiocytosis | Chapter 04 | New Horizons in Medicine and Medical Research Vol. 1

 The illness rhinoscleroma is well-known. Rhinoscleroma with lymphadenopathy, on the other hand, is a rare clinical condition. The purpose of this study is to offer a case report of a rare case of rhinoscleroma with cervical lymphadenopathy caused by Rosai Dorfman's histiocytosis, as well as a literature evaluation of its therapy. We present a case of Rosai Dorfman's histiocytosis rhinoscleroma with cervical lymphadenopathy in a 57-year-old female patient who had a one-year history of nasal obstruction and two-month neck enlargement, as well as constitutional symptoms like malaise. Author(S) Details Anuja S. Kulkarni Department of ENT and Head and Neck Surgery, Jagjivan Ram Railway Hospital, Western Railway,Mumbai Central, India. Prabodh Karnik Department of ENT and Head and Neck Surgery, Jagjivan Ram Railway Hospital, Western Railway,Mumbai Central, India. View Book:-

A Rare Case Report on Triorchidism | Chapter 03 | New Horizons in Medicine and Medical Research Vol. 1

 Background: Polyorchidism is an uncommon congenital disorder marked by the presence of an extra testis. Only about 200 cases have been documented worldwide. It has a chance of malignancy, thus it needs to be diagnosed and followed up on right away. Polyorchidism management is equivocal, with factors such as the patient's age, location, size, and anatomical arrangement of the testicular system all having a part. Presentation of a Case: On clinical and sonographic evaluation, a 28-year-old male presented with a non-tender scrotal bulge that was identified as triorchidism (the most common type of polyorchidism). Type 2 polyorchidism was present, along with a normal epididymis and vas deference. The situation was handled cautiously, and regular follow-up was recommended. Polyorchidism is a congenital abnormality that is highly unusual. Patients with polyorchidism can be treated conservatively. The management plan will be influenced by the reproductive potential as well as possible a

Determining the Effect of Injection Dexmedetomidine for Prevention of Pain due to Propofol Injection and Comparing it with Injection Lignocaine | Chapter 02 | New Horizons in Medicine and Medical Research Vol. 1

 Background: Local pain after a Propofol injection is a common occurrence. Different ways have been tried to alleviate the discomfort, but they have had mixed results. The purpose of this study was to examine the efficacy of injection Dexmedetomidine 0.2 mcg/kg against injection Lignocaine 0.2 mg/kg in preventing pain caused by Propofol injection. Method: The study was started with written informed consent from the participants after receiving clearance from the Institutional Ethics Committee. In a randomised prospective trial, 60 ASA I and II patients between the ages of 20 and 60 years, of either sexe, were randomly assigned to one of two groups for elective procedures under general anaesthesia. Injection Dexmedetomidine 0.2mcg/kg in Group I (Dexmedetomidine group), and Injection Lignocaine 0.2 mg/kg in Group II (Lignocaine group). In 5 mL normal saline, both were diluted. A 20 G cannula was used to secure the IV line, and a pneumatic tourniquet was used to apply venous occlu

Determining the Association of Neutrophil to Lymphocyte Ratio with Clinicopathological Features in Breast Cancer | Chapter 01 | New Horizons in Medicine and Medical Research Vol. 1

 Background: Breast cancer heterogeneity is produced by a variety of factors such as patient characteristics, co-morbidities, histology, immunochemistry, and the disease's molecular type, leading in a wide range of treatment options. Despite advancements in breast cancer diagnosis and therapy, breast cancer remains the leading cause of death in Pakistani women. Several studies have found that chronic inflammatory disorders have a role in the progression of cancer; these factors also promote growth, which leads to a poor prognosis. The goal of this study is to look at the neutrophil to lymphocyte ratio (NLR) in breast cancer patients' blood and how it relates to disease characteristics. The cross-sectional study was conducted in Karachi, Pakistan, at Liaquat National Hospital and Medical College. A total of 2059 female breast cancer patients met the criteria. A thorough blood count with leukocyte differential was recommended for the patients prior to surgery. Complete patien

Properties of Recycled Concrete and Coconut Shell Aggregate Concrete: An Experimental Investigation | Chapter 11 | Novel Perspectives of Engineering Research Vol. 8

  With natural aggregate concrete, the basic features of recycled and coconut shell aggregate concrete are investigated. The current study's focus is the examination of recycled aggregate and coconut shell aggregate at 0%, 5%, 10%, 15%, and 20% partial replacement of coarse aggregate in the production of concrete. The goal of the inquiry is to compare the effects of varying quantities of waste aggregate on the characteristics of concrete. Recycled aggregate is a non-biodegradable substance. Thus, the use of this form of technology would limit the amount of waste that ends up in a landfill while also reducing the depletion of fresh raw resources. Coconut shell, a byproduct of agriculture, can also be utilised as aggregate to prevent environmental harm. The primary benefit of coconut shell aggregate is cost savings (up to 40%) owing to self-weight decrease. Author(S) Details Swagatika Mohapatra College of Engineering and Technology, Bhubaneswar, India. P. K. Parhi Civil Engg D

Improvement of Power System Performance Using Fuzzy Logic Based Interline Power Flow Controller [IPFC]: A Brief Study | Chapter 10 | Novel Perspectives of Engineering Research Vol. 8

  This research created a nonlinear dynamic model of a multi machine power system with an Interline Power Flow Controller [IPFC] to increase damping of power system oscillations and transient stability. The IPFC performance of PI controllers is compared to that of a fuzzy logic-based controller under normal and abnormal operation situations. Many-valued logic is a subset of fuzzy logic. The IPFC fuzzy controller is designed to coordinate two control inputs: voltage change and capacitor voltage change, in order to increase the multimachine system's transient stability. The Interline Power Flow Controller [IPFC] with fuzzy logic controller is built with simple fuzzy rules to coordinate the additional damping signal. The proposed IPFC controller can increase the power system's designed performance. Digital simulations are carried out in the MATLAB environment. Author(S) Details S. N. Dhurvey Department of Electrical Engg, G.H. Raisoni College of Engineering, Nagpur, India.