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The Functions of Organs of Speech in Communication and Pedagogical Implications for Students Learning and Speaking English as Second Language | Chapter 14 | Selected Topics in Humanities and Social Sciences Vol. 6

The purpose of the research is to determine: (a) the fluency and articulation of speech sounds, (b) the x-ray of the various speech organs, and (c) the function of each organ of speech. Each articulator or speech organ performs a unique and important function in the creation of speech sounds. These speech sounds make it easier for people to communicate. In human communication, the tongue, lips, teeth, lungs, vocal cords, velum, soft and hard palate, larynx, and pharynx are all essential articulators. The functions of speech organs or articulators, as well as their educational implications, were investigated in this study. The research was aided by the various portions of the schematic of the organs of speech. The study found that the ear plays a significant role in sound creation as a speech organ. The study also revealed that second language (L2) learners and speakers may improve their fluency and articulation by studying the organs of speech. The study concluded, among other things

Drinking Behaviour among Undergraduates in Adekunle Ajasin University: A Function of Parental Alcohol Use and Personality Traits | Chapter 13 | Selected Topics in Humanities and Social Sciences Vol. 6

One of the most common mental health concerns among young adults today is alcohol intake, misuse, and abuse. This behaviour was seen among Adekunle Ajasin University undergraduates both on and off campus. As a result, this study looked into the contexts in which this behaviour, which is of great worry to the university administration, happens, in order to come up with a solution to the problem. There were 240 people in attendance. Females (150), males (150). (90). Parental alcohol consumption was found to be a causal factor [(beta)=.20, p.01] in hierarchical regression, and personality also substantially predicted this behaviour. Conscientiousness [(beta)=-.03, p.01], Extraversion [(beta)=-.03]. [(beta)=.33, p.01], as well as Neuroticism [(beta)=.15, p.05]. Males were discovered to be more involved in the act than females. Freshmen and students at lower levels of study drink more than those at higher levels of study, indicating the conformity and immaturity that define this age group,

Study on Contributive Effects of Factors Militating Against Effective Use of Authoring Tools in Teaching and Learning | Chapter 12 | Selected Topics in Humanities and Social Sciences Vol. 6

As a consequence of the growth of information, communication, and diverse technologies, teachers in many fields of education have become more relevant and competent in their instruction delivery. Many, rather than just one, writing tools are freely available on the internet for instructors to use whenever they choose, even if they have no prior knowledge of coding or programming. In this study, students from Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education, Michael Otedola College of Primary Education, and Lagos State University in Lagos State, Nigeria participated in a 4-week descriptive survey. The main roadblocks to effective usage of writing tools in the teaching and learning process were identified. SES (Socio-Economic Status), low computer competence, time restrictions, data plan fees, inconsistent power supply, and knowledge of the tools' availability all have a major influence on their use, according to our findings. Finally, we proposed that teachers benefit from power stability, i

Study About Elimination of User-Fees in Tertiary Education: A Distributive Analysis for Ecuador | Chapter 11 | Selected Topics in Humanities and Social Sciences Vol. 6

This chapter presents fresh facts and methodologies for analysing the distributive impact of Ecuador's uniform government policy to abolish user fees in public colleges. The major justification for eliminating user fees in higher education is that it will boost the number of impoverished students enrolling. Tuition charge elimination is considered to be a progressive approach in this respect. However, reliable research based on various panel data sets shows that removing tuition fees has no substantial influence on tertiary education possibilities. Furthermore, two years after its introduction, the policy becomes regressive. The results, on the other hand, are dependent on the welfare measure utilised, which is either the assets index or income poverty. In any event, the data demonstrate that the policy had non-progressive consequences at the very least.   Author (S) Details Juan Ponce Latin-American Faculty of Social Sciences-FLACSO La Pradera E7-174 y Av. Diego de Almagro

Determination of Entrepreneurial Intentions among STEM and Non-STEM Students in Nigerian Tertiary Institutions | Chapter 10 | Selected Topics in Humanities and Social Sciences Vol. 6

This article is divided into sections that cover entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial education, the makeup of STEM and NON-STEM courses, STEM education, and students' desire to participate in entrepreneurship in these two areas. In recent years, the academic literature on entrepreneurship has increased considerably, establishing itself as a significant and current area of study in academia for producing jobs and wealth to solve the problem of unemployment and poverty in emerging nations. According to previous studies, such measures are important for recovering the economy of rising nations that have been devastated. As a result, developing-country education curricula have been changed to include entrepreneurial instruction. On the other hand, students' engagement in entrepreneurship based on STEM and non-STEM themes vary. While most studies have focused on entrepreneurship and the opportunities it provides for students and society as a whole, the desire of students to engage i

Ferguson, Kennedy, Kissinger, and Vietnam: A Fresh Look | Chapter 9 | Selected Topics in Humanities and Social Sciences Vol. 6

Ferguson's in-depth biography gives insight into the policies and personalities that led to the United States' full-fledged involvement in Vietnam. He shows that Kissinger was not the one-dimensional realist some have assumed based on his early academic papers combining Kantian philosophy and nineteenth-century diplomacy, but that this was not the case. Kissinger supported idealist principles, believed Prince Metternich was backward-looking, and had significant doubts about Bismarck's power tactics, according to Ferguson... Ferguson's examination of Kissinger's Vietnam record throughout the Kennedy and Johnson administrations reveals that, while he criticised the general war strategy's implementation, he never opposed it. Both Ferguson and Kissinger dismiss evidence that Kennedy was changing his mind about Vietnam and that major intra-Vietnam peace discussions were taking place in 1963. Such omissions provide the impression of historical alternatives that aren&#

Determining the Diversion as a Gratification Factor Influencing Mobile Phone Technology Use by Public University Students in Nairobi, Kenya | Chapter 8 | Selected Topics in Humanities and Social Sciences Vol. 6

Diversion as a reward element affecting mobile phone technology usage by public university undergraduate students in Nairobi, Kenya is the focus of this study. The study's goal was to see how distraction affected undergraduate university students' use of mobile phones. The uses and gratifications theory and media technological determinism hypothesis were used in the research. The target demographic consisted of 246,871 undergraduate university students in Nairobi, Kenya's public universities. Quantitative research was employed in this study. Self-administered questionnaires were utilised to collect data for the study. Purposive sampling was used in this study to get a sample size of 573 undergraduate students. The data was examined using descriptive and inferential statistics before being processed using SPSS version 22. Mobile phone technology has been crucial in diversion activities among undergraduate university students, according to the findings. The study found that t

Foundations in Biogerontology | Chapter 7 | Selected Topics in Humanities and Social Sciences Vol. 6

Scientific techniques have earned a reputation in recent decades as the preeminent choice for addressing the natural world's difficult issues. Despite being one of the most inevitably and inexorably occurring processes in human biology, ageing had long eluded the notice of experts dedicated on curing human diseases. Dedicated efforts of numerous foundations, research institutions, and companies, on the other hand, have largely contributed to our understanding of ageing in the last several decades. Biogerontology, a new area of research that bridges the gap between gerontology and geriatrics, was created to address the complexities of metabolism and biological factors that cause ageing. This chapter gives a short overview of several ageing theories and how their combined effects may contribute to the currently recognised signs of ageing. Author (S) Details Darshit Patel Centenarians Life Sciences Pvt Ltd., India. Pritee Chunarkar Patil Department of Bioinformatics, Rajiv Ga

Study on Human Resource Management in Creating Organisational Competitiveness in a South African State-owned Enterprises | Chapter 6 | Selected Topics in Humanities and Social Sciences Vol. 6

Poor service delivery, staff retrenchments, a lack of employee engagement, and an unwillingness to accept innovative ideas in business management have plagued South African state-owned enterprises (SOEs) for the past decade. The South African government has urged SOEs to self-renew and become more effective in their service delivery. As a result, the role of human resource management (HRM) is to help organisations become more effective by implementing new human resource practises. This report is based on a study conducted at a selected South African SOE to examine the effectiveness of human resource management in enhancing organisational competitiveness. Interviews were conducted to acquire data from the company's human resource practitioners and department heads as part of a qualitative research strategy. We employed non-probability sampling and purposefully picked 24 people. HR practitioners do not participate in policy evaluations, despite the fact that their talents are underut

A Systematic Review of the Literature on Veterans' Unanticipated Medical Retirement and Transition to Civilian Life | Chapter 5 | Selected Topics in Humanities and Social Sciences Vol. 6

Despite the fact that there is literature on the impact of unexpected medical retirement on veterans' transition to civilian life, there has been no systematic review of this literature by veterans. This systematic evaluation of literature looked into the impact of veterans' UMR on their transition to civilian life. Based on the application of a search strategy devised on the basis of six criteria for inclusion in accordance with the research phenomena, the researcher chose 15 papers for the systematic review. A summary of the included research revealed three key topics on the influence of veterans' UMR on transfer to civilian life: transition concerns (with two sub-themes of female veterans and identity), work experience, and sources of support. The findings of the review, which are based on a synthesis of contemporary literature, contribute to the body of knowledge on veterans' recovery. There were other practice-related repercussions, such as the need to confront vet

Veterans' and Spouses' Transition Experiences Due to Unanticipated Medical Retirement: A Phenomenological Study | Chapter 4 | Selected Topics in Humanities and Social Sciences Vol. 6

The current qualitative phenomenology study in the Southwest looked at how veterans and spouses described their lived experiences of transitioning from military to civilian life due to unplanned medical retirement. Ten married veteran couples who lived in or around the southwestern United States and had one partner who was wounded, ill, or injured while serving in the US Army's IDES were included in the study. Semistructured interviews were the major data collection method, which was supplemented by the researcher's notebook and a demographic questionnaire. When they or their spouses were notified of UMR, 15 out of 20 participants (75%) expressed concern about the future, and 16 out of 20 participants (80%) described their experiences with the IDES process using language that indicated feelings of being pushed through a complicated process without enough information or consideration of their needs. The data also found that 13 of the 20 participants (65%) thought military suppor

The Challenge of Graduate Unemployment: A Case of University Graduates in Mutare, Zimbabwe | Chapter 3 | Selected Topics in Humanities and Social Sciences Vol. 6

In Zimbabwe, a key issue is the inability of university graduates to find work. It's unclear why the rapidly growing informal sector, which has the capacity to absorb university graduates, is unable to capitalise on the high-level abilities of university graduates to improve growth and competitiveness. Many university grads are looking for work, doing things like vending or working in jobs that aren't immediately related to the degrees they earned in school. In this exploratory case study, snowball sampling was used to discover 42 university graduates in Mutare. To gather information on the barriers that prevent graduates from becoming entrepreneurs, unstructured interviews and observations were used. The study found that unemployed graduates' engagement in entrepreneurship was limited by their degree orientations and experiences, whereas the growth of graduates who were already in business was limited by a variety of socioeconomic circumstances.   Author (S) Details

Study of Trainee Teachers and Their Lecturers’ Perceptions of Synergistic and Contradictory Factors, and How These Shaped Learning and Teaching in the University Activity System | Chapter 2 | Selected Topics in Humanities and Social Sciences Vol. 6

The goal of the study was to learn about trainee-teachers' and lecturers' perspectives on what happens in the university activity system, the synergistic and conflicting variables that exist, and how these aspects influenced learning and teaching. Sociocultural theories led the research, which also included activity theory and reflective practise. The study used an interview, document analysis, and a bio-data questionnaire, all of which were informed by qualitative methods. A priori codes from the study questions, activity theory, and interview protocol were employed in the data analysis. The themes of interest in the university activity system were trainee teachers learning theory expressed as teacher knowledge. Three groups of lecturers supported trainee instructors, each with a different specialisation that provided fodder for a possible synergy of teamwork. The teacher education programme was officially concurrent but educationally consecutive due to a lack of exploration o

Sites of Sign-Production and Interpretation; T.S. Eliot’s Semiotic Aesthetics-Poetics | Chapter 1 | Selected Topics in Humanities and Social Sciences Vol. 6

“Who is the third who walks continually with you?” T.S. Eliot's question in The Waste Land can be considered to sum up the hermeneutic position of any language act, whether sign production or interpretation. While traditional expressionist topoi such as the artist's subjectivity, empirical psychology, truthfulness, intentionality, and so on have become irrelevant in the heteroglot discourse of the most famous dirge on the decaying West, Eliot's awareness of the matrical role of cultural semiosis allows us to place him among the founding fathers of semiotic aesthetics. Based on the ideas of Charles Sanders Peirce and Martin Heidegger (“Destruktion,” 1920), and expanded by postwar authors like Roland Barthes (Mythologies, 1957, [1], Umberto Eco) (Trattato di semiotica generale, 1975) The semiotic approach to art is based on a mediating third (Peirce: the Interpretant), which is variously related to context, regime of signification, episteme, schemata, and triangulation of des

Prevention of C. A. D. in India: A Novel Approach | Chapter 19 | New Frontiers in Medicine and Medical Research Vol. 11

Coronary artery disease is the greatest cause of death worldwide, with atherosclerosis as the primary culprit. The bulk of traditional and emerging risk variables fail to explain the onset of the disease. A few representative case studies of people who have had a significant coronary event yet have no risk factors are described. These instances' personal histories have been analysed, and highly important and intriguing data have been derived, as well as a fresh hypothesis suggested. Understanding and implicating them would have a huge impact on the prevention of our society's coronary heart disease epidemic. Author (S) Details N. C. Krishnamani Fortis Hospital, Shalimar Bagh, Delhi, India.   View Book :-

Study on Cardiovascular Changes in Exercise | Chapter 18 | New Frontiers in Medicine and Medical Research Vol. 11

Physical activity is the most extreme form of stress that the body is exposed to throughout daily life. The body must make rapid and integrated cellular and organ-system adaptations to fulfil the body's metabolic, thermal, and fluid demands during an acute bout of exercise. Exercise physiology is the study of the physical and chemical processes that allow chemical energy to be converted into mechanical work. Energy is required for both the contraction and relaxation processes in skeletal muscle. Exercise physiology research reveals the regulatory mechanisms that make energy available to skeletal muscles during acute exercise and allow for slower changes during training. The main goal of cardiovascular alterations during exercise is to provide enough oxygenated blood to exercising muscle at a rate that matches their metabolic needs. Cardiovascular reactions help to achieve this. The goal of this study is to see how determinants of heart performance work during exercise. Author (S

A Colour Doppler Study of Retrobulbar Blood Flow Parameters in Patients of Primary Open Angle Glaucoma: A Case Series from India | Chapter 17 | New Frontiers in Medicine and Medical Research Vol. 11

The purpose of this study was to compare the blood flow velocities in the Ophthalmic Artery, Central Retinal Artery, and Short Posterior Ciliary Arteries in patients with POAG and healthy subjects using Color Doppler Imaging, as well as to assess the effect of lowering intraocular pressure in POAG patients on retrobulbar blood flow. Background: Raised intraocular pressure (IOP) is one of the risk factors for primary open angle glaucoma, according to the current definition. Another risk factor has been linked to changes in ocular blood flow. Furthermore, the eye being treated for glaucoma could be part of a larger systemic failure of auto-regulation of ocular blood flow. The designation of normal tension glaucoma as a clinical entity, as well as the observation of progressive glaucomatous damage despite IOP management, support this notion. The goal of this study was to look at retrobulbar blood flow in glaucoma patients using colour Doppler imaging (CDI) and evaluate how IOP control a

Studies on the effects of Posterior Amputation on the Cerebral Neurosecretory Cells of Indian Earthworm, Lampito mauritii (Kinberg) | Chapter 16 | New Frontiers in Medicine and Medical Research Vol. 11

Because earthworms are vulnerable to predator assaults and agricultural activities, nature has endowed them with the ability to regenerate destroyed body segments. In the lack of a defined nonneural endocrine gland, the cerebral neurosecretory system is likely to play a key role in wound healing and body segment regeneration. The purpose of this research is to look at the cytomorphological changes in the cerebral neurosecretory cells after amputation in the topsoil Indian earthworm Lampito mauritii. Dissected cerebral ganglia were fixed in Bouin's solution and processed for traditional neurosecretory staining techniques: Paraldehyde Fuchsin (AF) and Chrome Alum Haematoxylin Phloxin after posterior amputation of the earthworm with a paragon knife (CAHP). Following transection of 10 posteriormost body segments, a wave of muscle contraction was observed along the anteroposterior direction of Lampito mauritii's body. Following posterior amputation of body segments, cerebral

Determination of HIV Status in Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Shanti Id Clinic Vadodara, Gujarat, India | Chapter 15 | New Frontiers in Medicine and Medical Research Vol. 11

From January 2013 to May 2020, the prospective study was conducted at the Shanti infectious diseases clinic in Vadodara, Gujarat, India, with the following goals: 1. To determine the frequency of HIV infection among Shanti ID Clinic patients with sexually transmitted diseases. Vadodara is an Indian industrial city in south Gujarat, around 300 miles from Mumbai, on the boundary of Madhya Pradesh (MP) and Maharashtra. 2.To investigate the prevalence of sexually transmitted infections (S.T.I.) in Vadodara, Gujarat, India. S.T.I. can raise the risk of HIV infection in HIV-negative people as well as the risk of HIV transmission to others among HIV-positive people. 3.The study investigates how STIs may promote HIV transmission through sexual contact and how STIs may jeopardise our HIV preventive efforts. What can we do about it? 4.A substantial link exists between bacterial and viral sexually transmitted diseases and HIV infection acquisition and transmission. Males were responsibl

Study of a Large Intraorbital Wooden Foreign Body Perforating the Lateral Orbital Wall of Left Eye in a Child: A Clinical Approach | Chapter 14 | New Frontiers in Medicine and Medical Research Vol. 11

Children in India are particularly vulnerable to injuries caused by wooden objects, spears, and balls, among other things, thus there should be greater understanding of the measures to be taken as well as the management of such injuries. Children's intraorbital foreign bodies are difficult to detect. Intraorbital foreign entities that are organic and non-organic behave differently and have a variable prognosis. This article discusses how to handle such situations. A 6-year-old child presented to our clinic with a history of a foreign body in her eye. According to the report, a CT scan revealed a hypodensity implanted in the left lateral orbital wall, abutting and squeezing the left eye's globe with a displaced comminuted fracture. Due to the seriousness of the case, we performed an operation to remove a foreign body from the eye, which was incredibly difficult and precise. The CT scan the day following surgery indicated no foreign bodies, chemosis, or loss of ocular movement. T

Understanding Dementia: Its Upcoming Issues and their Interlinking | Chapter 13 | New Frontiers in Medicine and Medical Research Vol. 11

Because of the ageing population, risk factors for dementia have received a lot of attention in recent years. More research has been done on environmental, cardiovascular, and genetic variables. These risk variables can be strongly altered by the age and gender of the population investigated, with the likelihood of dementia growing in lockstep with age, and women experiencing more cognitive impairment in adulthood. Nutritional variables have also gotten a lot of attention, with studies showing that central obesity, hypercholesterolemia, and diabetes enhance neuroinflammation, increasing the risk of dementia and degenerative disorders like Parkinson's disease. Several genetic variants, such as the MAPT gene, have been linked to an increased risk of dementia, but mutations in APOE E4, a cholesterol carrier, have been linked to an increased risk of dementia, particularly in Alzheimer's disease. Due to increased conversations regarding the ethical and legal aspects involved, legal

Study on Naturopathy and Public Health in Ghana: A Qualitative inquiry on the Relationship by students of Naturopathy | Chapter 12 | New Frontiers in Medicine and Medical Research Vol. 11

Background: There is a natural desire when merging Naturopathy and Public Health to find connections between the two medical systems. For example, disease prevention, promotion, and education are all part of public health. These are also entwined with naturopathic concepts. This study looks at whether there is a link between Naturopathy and Public Health practises from the perspective of Naturopathic Medical Students, as well as their knowledge and understanding of both professions, using qualitative analysis. Methods: Ten (10) Second Year Diploma in Naturopathic Medical Students at the Nyarkotey College of Holistic Medicine, Tema, Community 7, Ghana were sent a qualitative descriptive questionnaire over WhatsApp. The students had studied public health as part of their Naturopathy coursework. Their replies were abstracted and analysed thematically. Findings: Key remarks collected from their responses highlighted their knowledge and understanding of both Naturopathy and public

Study on Naturopathic Medical Students’ Perspective on Vaccination and Naturopathy Practice in Ghana: A Review | Chapter 11 | New Frontiers in Medicine and Medical Research Vol. 11

Background: The topic of vaccination in the COVID-19 pandemic has become a sensitive topic in Ghana. Vaccination and Naturopathy are comparable in terms of public health principles, and Naturopathic students study public health as a field. Many people in Ghana claim to be Naturopathic Doctors, although they disagree with Naturopathy's endorsement of public health essentials such as vaccination. Are immunizations naturopathic as well? This case study examines the knowledge and awareness of vaccinations in Naturopathic practise among Ghanaian Naturopathic Medical Students. Methods: A qualitative technique was employed to obtain primary data from respondents via a written questionnaire in this study. The survey comprised of ten (10) persons who were asked a series of questions. Respondents for this study were naturopathic medical students from Ghana's Nyarkotey College of Holistic Medicine. Vaccines are a part of the Naturopathic profession, according to the Naturopathic med

Naturopathic Medicine in Ghana: A Qualitative Study | Chapter 10 | New Frontiers in Medicine and Medical Research Vol. 11

The Nyarkotey College of Holistic Medicine has ushered in a naturopathic medicine revolution in Ghana. This institution's mission is to educate and train Naturopathic Doctors and Naturopaths in Ghana. The goal of this research is to evaluate the qualitative elements of Naturopathic Medicine in primary healthcare delivery from the perspective of Ghanaian Naturopathic care professionals. The goal of this qualitative study is to find out what motivates Ghanaian customers to seek out Naturopathic medicine. Clients' push factors from mainstream medicine are also evaluated in the study. While respondents agree that naturopathic medicine is a vital aspect of Ghana's healthcare delivery system, they also believe that there are a number of difficulties that need to be addressed right away. Conclusion: Because naturopathic medicines are critical components of Ghana's healthcare delivery system, strong healthcare policy is required to help regulate the profession and facilitat

Prayer and Naturopathic Medicine in Ghana; A Qualitative Study

Spirituality is crucial in the life of a Ghanaian patient seeking treatment. In their seek for God's face, the majority of them end up in prayer camps. In Ghana, several Naturopathic practitioners have started to incorporate prayer exercises during their consultations. The majority of these practitioners are pastors. Using Ghana as a case study, we want to look into the function of prayer in the Naturopathic profession. The purpose of this research is to look at the qualitative aspect of prayer's use as a type of Naturopathic protocol employed by naturopathic practitioners in their healthcare delivery. Methods: A draught open-ended questionnaire was sent via WhatsApp to thirty (30) Naturopathic practitioners with pastoral backgrounds who are members of the Ghana Association of Naturopathic Physicians (GANP) in their various Naturopathic facilities that provide pastoral services as part of this qualitative study. According to naturopathic practitioners, patients seek praye

Diagnostic Utility of Immunohistochemical Expression of HE4 in Epithelial Ovarian Neoplasm: A Cross-sectional Prospective Study | Chapter 8 | New Frontiers in Medicine and Medical Research Vol. 11

Background: Ovarian cancer has a significant mortality rate due to late diagnosis. Case-specific management can be improved with early and precise diagnosis. Among all gynaecological cancers, ovarian carcinoma has the greatest fatality rate. HE4 (human epididymis protein 4) is a novel biomarker for ovarian cancer diagnosis that has been shown to be overexpressed in ovarian cancer cells. The study's goals and objectives were to assess the immunohistochemistry expression of HE4 in diverse epithelial ovarian neoplasms. Material and Methods: From December 2016 to January 2019, our institution conducted a cross-sectional, prospective, single-institution study in the department of Pathology in partnership with the department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics. This study included a total of 71 patients. The most prevalent epithelial tumour was serous tumour, followed by mucinous tumour. High-grade serous carcinoma and malignant endometrioid tumours had the highest percentage of HE4 expr

Early Assessment of the Risk of Developing Subclinical Hypothyroidism and Cardiovascular Risk in Patients with Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease | Chapter 7 | New Frontiers in Medicine and Medical Research Vol. 11

Background: It is well established that subclinical hypothyroidism (SH) might exacerbate the progression of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) (NAFLD). NAFLD, in turn, encourages thyroid gland hypofunction. Patients with SH have a higher risk of cardiovascular events, although research on SH screening recommendations is conflicting and inadequate. The goal of this study was to determine the risk of developing subclinical hypothyroidism (SH) in patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) who had a different risk of cardiovascular complications, as well as the relationship between a high risk of developing SH and major cardiovascular factors (CV). Methods and materials: 298 patients with NAFLD who had one or more CV risk factors (arterial hypertension, smoking, hypercholesterolemia) and different levels of CV risk factors on the SCORE scale participated in a one-stage clinical research. A standard questionnaire was given to all patients, and HRQ conducted a thyroid s

A Comparative Study on In-vivo Biocompatibility of Four Endodontic Sealers | Chapter 6 | New Frontiers in Medicine and Medical Research Vol. 11

The goal of this study was to compare the biocompatibility of two new calcium phosphate-based root canal sealers (CPC-I, CPC-II) to a commercially available zinc oxide eugenol-based sealer [Pulp canal sealer EWT (PCS EWT)] and Sealapex after implantation in rat subcutaneous tissue. The test ingredients were placed in sterile polyethylene tubes. The tubes were implanted in the dorsums of male rats, and the animals were euthanized after 1, 2, 4, and 8 weeks, yielding 5 specimens for each treatment. As a negative control, empty tubes were used. Inflammation, major cell types, and fibrous connective tissue thickness were all quantified next to each inserted sample. All sealers generated similar inflammatory reactions in the animals' connective tissue at week one, with the majority of specimens demonstrating a moderate to severe chronic inflammatory response. CPC-II and (PCS EWT) caused a severe inflammatory response with the presence of acute inflammatory cells after 2 weeks, whereas C

Study on Consultation in the Mental Health Service of a General Hospital in the Buenos Aires suburban Buenos Aires, Argentina | Chapter 5 | New Frontiers in Medicine and Medical Research Vol. 11

Exact objectives are imposed based on present historical reality to clarify and disseminate the complicated process of our authentic national culture and propagate the complex process of our authentic national culture. The goal is to honour Dr. Ramón Carrillo's legacy in the development and upgrading of health programmes and strategies. Consultations at our hospital care centre are difficult, for a variety of reasons, including their location in the Buenos Aires suburbs. Patients whose environment, economy, or political circumstances, to put it another way, define the emergence of the "social" as a context and an incidence in the many psychopathological manifestations they display. Conditions that need to be reviewed from our practise, clinical psychology, theoretical assessments, and lastly the clinical area that our clinical practise looks at. And we see the tremendous limitation of the field of the term in the stories of our patients from our clinic. We've noticed

Study on General Neurolinguistics and the Comprehension Ability | Chapter 4 | New Frontiers in Medicine and Medical Research Vol. 11

General Neurolinguistics is meant to correspond to the major revision of General Semantics that Alfred Korzybski predicted would happen within 25 years of his death (1950), and that naturally emerges when the mental barrier due to the unwarranted certainty that physical reality cannot be confirmed with certainty and cannot be objectively understood is broken down. Surprisingly, the research that led to this revision began in the 1970s, well within Korzybski's expectations, even though it could not be fully documented and linked to the full set of required formal references until much later, due to the time it took to identify, locate, and correlate every major element of the solution that led to the p Synopsis of General Neurolinguistics, followed by a summary of the General Semantics that it is intended to improve. Summary of the role of individual motivation, fueled by feelings of insecurity and the breadth of their personal general knowledge bases, in the formation of societal o

COVID-19 Disease on 700 Chronic Dialysis Patients from Ecuadorian Highlands: An Observational Study | Chapter 3 | New Frontiers in Medicine and Medical Research Vol. 11

Introduction: In December of this year, the first cases of Covid-19 sickness were documented. The pandemic has spread throughout the world by March 2021, with 114.217.365 cases and 2.533014 deaths, including 286.155 cases and 15.811 deaths in Ecuador. After one year of pandemic, the researchers wanted to highlight the impact of COVID-19 disease on 700 chronic dialysis patients from Ecuador's highlands, representing roughly 7% of the country's dialysis population. Materials and Methods: 700 Latino chronic dialysis patients from five different cities in Ecuador's highlands participated in an observational prospective multicenter study. From February 1, 2020, through January 31, 2021, patients were tracked. COVID-19 signs were discovered, and the disease was only confirmed by PCR testing of nasopharyngeal swabs. If oxygen saturation was less than 90% at the time of presentation (LOS), the disease was classified as severe, moderate if symptoms were present but not at LOS, a

Study on Potentiation of ATRA Activity in HL-60 Cells by Targeting Methylation Enzymes | Chapter 2 | New Frontiers in Medicine and Medical Research Vol. 11

All Trans Retinoic Acid (ATRA) is a clinically established Differentiation Inducer (DI) for Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia (APL). Its efficacy in treating other kinds of Acute Myelocytic Leukemia (AML) is limited. ATRA targets the PML-RARA (promyelocytic leukemia/retinoic acid receptor-alpha)/DNA methyltransferase (DNMT)/Histone Deacetylase (HDAC) complex in APL, causing gene silencing to be lost and Terminal Differentiation to occur (TD). ATRA targeting of WT RARA as a single drug fails to modify the epigenetic modifications that prevent differentiation in other kinds of AML. When paired with DNMT inhibitors like 5-azacytidine, however, ATRA has better in vitro and clinical effectiveness against AML. The methylation enzyme complex (MMS), which includes Methionine Adenosyltransferase (MAT), Methyltransferase (MT), and S-Adenosylhomocysteine Hydrolase (SAHH), was previously shown to trigger differentiation in the AML M2 HL-60 cell line model. Differentiation Helper Inducers are inhibitors

Study on Functional Outcome of Elastic Stable Intramedullary Nailing (ESIN) of Diaphyseal Fractures of Paediatric Long Bones | Chapter 1 | New Frontiers in Medicine and Medical Research Vol. 11

Background: Since the introduction of titanium elastic nails (TENs) and the encouraging results of elastic stable intramedullary nailing (ESIN) in diaphyseal fractures of paediatric long bones, more and more orthopaedicians are offering ESIN with TENs to avoid the inherent problems of conservative treatment. The goal of this study was to see how well ESIN worked in diaphyseal fractures of paediatric long bones. Methods: ESIN used TENs to treat 44 patients aged 5 to 15 years who had diaphyseal fractures of the femur, tibia, humerus, and forearm bones. The femur took an average of 8.3 weeks to union, 7.3 weeks for the tibia, 7 weeks for the forearm bones, and 7.5 weeks for the humerus. Pain at the insertion site was the most prevalent complication. The lengthening of one patient's femur was 1.5 cm. One femur and one forearm patient both had joint stiffness. None of the patients had any delayed/non-union, sagittal/coronal/rotational mal-union, or deep infection. On the second

Study on 1, 3, 4-Oxadiazole Derivatives as an Antibacterial and Antifungal Agents | Chapter 14 | New Innovations in Chemistry and Biochemistry Vol. 2

A new series of 1, 3, 4-oxadiazoles (3a-j) was synthesised in this study by reacting INH (1) with substituted aromatic acids (2) in the presence of POCl3. IR, 1H NMR, and mass spectrum data were used to identify the novel compounds. In-vitro antibacterial and antifungal properties were tested on the compounds, and they were compared to standard medications. Some of the chemicals tested were effective against all of the species. The presence of electron-donating and electron-withdrawing groups in the fourth position is primarily responsible for the high activity.   Author (S) Details B. C. Revanasiddappa Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, NGSM Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (NGSMIPS), Nitte (Deemed to be University), Mangalore-575018, (Karnataka), India. E. V. S. Subrahmanyam Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, NGSM Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (NGSMIPS), Nitte (Deemed to be University), Mangalore-575018, (Karnataka), India. View Book :- https://stm.b

Study on Synthesis and Biologically Important of 2-Mercaptobenthiazole (MBT)-clubbed Chalcone Derivatives | Chapter 13 | New Innovations in Chemistry and Biochemistry Vol. 2

In this study, a base catalysed technique was used to create chalcone of (E) -4-(3-(4-hydroxyphenyl)acryloyl) -5-methyl-2(p-tolyl) -1H-pyrazol-3(2H) -one (II) interacted with S-benzo[d] derivatives thiol-2yl-2-chloroethanethioate (Ia-f) led in the production of (E)-S-benzo[d] derivatives. 2-(4-(3-(5-methyl-3oxo-2-thiazol-2-yl thiazol-2-yl thiazol-2-yl thiazol-2-yl thiazol-2-y (p-tolyl) -2,3-dihydro-1H-pyrazol-4-yl) spectrum characterization such as IR, 1H NMR, LC-MS, and elemental analysis verified -3-oxoprop-1-en-1-yl)phenoxy)etanethioate(IIIa-f). Antimicrobial characteristics of the compounds were tested against a wide range of Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, as well as fungi. Compounds 3c and 3e are quite active. Spectral data was used to characterise all of the produced substances.   Author (S) Details Falguni G. Bhabhor Department of Chemistry, Navjivan Science College, Dahod (GUJ), India. Satish Khadia Department of Chemistry, Navjivan Science College, Dahod (

Determination of Thiolated Chitosan as Nanocarriers for Ocular Drug Delivery | Chapter 12 | New Innovations in Chemistry and Biochemistry Vol. 2

Because of its complicated anatomical structure, drug administration via the ocular channel has become more interesting and demanding in recent years. Despite extensive efforts by medical scientists around the world, there are numerous hurdles to overcome in delivering drugs via the ocular route. Short ocular residence periods induced by anatomical and pathophysiological obstacles in the eye result in poor ocular bioavailability with traditional dose formulations. As a result, a lot of effort has gone into developing nanotechnology-based drug delivery systems that improve ocular bioavailability by increasing precorneal residence time. Polymers with thiol groups have substantially better adhesive characteristics than polymers that are assumed to be mucoadhesive in general. Chitosan and its derivatives are excellent polymeric biomaterials with a wide range of applications in drug delivery, especially via the ocular route. Thiolated derivatives (thiomers) of chitosan, which are made by im

Study on Synthesis and Appraisal of Some 2,5-Disubstituted-1,3,4-Thiadiazoles as Diuretic Agents | Chapter 11 | New Innovations in Chemistry and Biochemistry Vol. 2

Acetazolamide and Methazolamide are diuretic 1,3,4-thiadiazole compounds that are well-known. As a result, certain novel 2,5-disubstituted-1,3,4-thiadiazoles were synthesised and diuretic efficacy was tested. The diuretic action of a handful of the compounds, including IVa1, IVb2, and IVc2, was comparable to that of the conventional medication acetazolamide. The Osiris property explorer software was used to calculate the properties of the synthesised compounds (peo). When compared to other analogues, morphilino analogues (IVa3 – IVd3) demonstrated higher Druglikeness and Drug Score. Because IVa3 is the most active morphilino analogue, it was chosen for a bioisosteric strategy for newer analogue design utilising molopt software. Author (S) Details Sanmati K. Jain SLT Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Guru Ghasidas Vishwavidyalaya, Bilaspur (C.G.)-495009, India. Pradeep Mishra Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, GLA University, Mathura (UP), India. View Book :- https://

Study of Amorphophallus paeonifolius and Manihot esculenta as Bioplastics using Glycerol and Agar-Agar as Plasticizers: An Experimental Assay | Chapter 10 | New Innovations in Chemistry and Biochemistry Vol. 2

Bio-plastics are biodegradable plastics made from renewable ingredients including maize starch, straw, vegetable fats and oils, wood chips, recovered food waste, sawdust, and so on. They can be utilised as a replacement to the polluting commercial plastics now on the market. Bio-plastics are becoming increasingly popular due to environmental concerns, limited fossil fuel resources, and climate change. The goal of this work is to evaluate the qualities of starch-based bio-plastics made from Amorphophallus paeonifolius and Manihot esculenta with the plasticizers glycerol and agar-agar. UV-Visible spectrophotometer, FT-IR spectroscopy, and SEM analysis were used to analyse the produced bio-plastic. Finally, due to its good properties of resistance and favourable biodegradation, the bioplastic based on Manihot esculenta and Amorphophallus paeonifolius could be established as a favourable ecological alternative to be used as a developed medical material. The bio-plastic can also be used in