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Folk Beliefs of Vietnamese People | Bookpi International

Vietnam has been being a country with many religions and beliefs. In the diversity of religions and beliefs, there are religions and beliefs imported from abroad, but there are also beliefs and religions that were born righteously in the country of Vietnam. In those beliefs, there have been folk beliefs. Folk beliefs have been formed in daily life and the process of the productive labor of people, over many generations of Vietnamese people. It (folk beliefs) has become an indispensable spiritual activity of the working people. Within the scope of the book, in addition to chapter 1: An overview of Vietnam’s religions and beliefs, the remaining four chapters focus on analyzing four typical folk beliefs, namely: The ancestor worship belief, the Mother Goddess worship belief, the Village's Tutelary god worship belief and the soul worship belief. Author (s) Details Vu Hong Van University of Transport and Communications / University of Natural Resources and Environment, Vietnam.

Novel Discoveries in Atmospheric Physics | Book PI International

Climate change is currently an eminent theme in politics. Thereby, so-called greenhouse gases such as CO2 are considered as the real cause for the temperature rise of the global atmosphere. This theory traces back to measurements of Tyndall at the end of the 19th century which revealed that CO2 absorbs thermal radiation, in contrast to N2 and O2, the main components of the air, which do not absorb. Subsequently, Arrhenius tried to theoretically implement the Stefan-Boltzmann law, which meanwhile became known, assuming that the atmosphere is warmed up by the black-body radiation of the Earth surface, but solely due to the CO2 and to similar IR (infrared) absorbing greenhouse gases such as CH4. This means: The atmosphere would not be warmed up if no CO2 or other greenhouse gases were there. Thus the temperature of the atmosphere would be identical with the temperature of the absolute zero. After the Second World War, this approach was continued by Plass and others, based on IR- spectro

Review ofa Case of Coexisting KRAS and BRAF Mutations in a Patient with Metastatic Colon Adenocarcinoma | Chapter 17 | Innovations in Medicine and Medical Research Vol.2

KRAS and BRAF mutations are found in 30-50% and 10% of metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC) patients respectively. Here we report a unique case of mCRC with coexistent KRAS and BRAF mutations. Patients harboring concomitant KRAS and BRAF mutations do not usually respond to standard chemotherapeutic regimens, usually have aggressive course of illness with poor prognosis and we are in dire need of developing new treatment strategies. Author(s)Details Anusha Vittal Liver Diseases Branch, NIDDK, NIH, Bethesda, MD, The University of Kansas Medical Center, Kansas City, Kansas, USA.   Anup Kasi, Division of Medical Oncology, The University of Kansas Medical Center, Kansas City, Kansas, USA. View Book :-

TLP Sequenced and Studied for Its Functions with Targets Diagnostic and Therapeutic: Recent Perspective | Chapter 16 | Innovations in Medicine and Medical Research Vol.2

From the first analysis of immuneprecipitation followed by Western Blotting (WB) Corin and TLP seem to precipitate at the same height (approximately 50 KDa) and are recognized by the same antibodies. In parallel the tests of immunoprecipitation by the use of cell extracts derived from lung cancer cells A549 and NCI-H23 are improved with the aim to be able of obtaining a precipitate containing only the TLP. In fact the partial aminoacid sequence of TLP showes a high homology with the sequence of human Corin (only one aminoacid is different) and is present in lung cancer under different isoforms. It is known that human Corin is expressed mostly outside the cells and the protein extract derived from the extracellular medium and from the cells transfected with the plasmid, which overexpresses Corin, showes many more bands analyzed on SDS-PAGE that are equivalent to the bands (about 50-100 KDa) observed in the WB analyzed with anti-TLP.  Author(s) Details Giulio Tarro Beaumont Bonelli

Current Research on Abdominal Cocoon Syndrome: Two Cases of an Anatomical Abnormality | Chapter 15 | Innovations in Medicine and Medical Research Vol. 2

Introduction: Idiopathic sclerosing encapsulating peritonitis or abdominal cocoon syndrome (ACS) is a rare anatomical deformity characterized by the partial or complete encasement of the small intestine with fibrotic peritoneum. 193 incidents have been described worldwide. The aim of this study was to present two ACS cases successfully treated at the Surgical Clinic of the Agios Dimitrios General Hospital in Thessaloniki, Greece. Presentation of Cases: Two men (55 and 54 years old) presented to the emergency department complaining of abdominal pain, distension, constipation, nausea, and vomiting. Neither of these patients had surgical histories. The computed tomography of the first patient showed considerable distension of the small bowel, suggestive of an internal hernia. The second case showed distention of the jejunum with no obvious cause. Both patients underwent emergency surgery. Intraoperatively, we found that a fibrous membrane had completely covered the small intestine of the

Paul Ehlrich’s Mastzellon- The Legend Lives | Chapter 14 | Innovations in Medicine and Medical Research Vol. 2

Background: Mast cells (MC) secrete a variety of molecules that are implicated in either promoting tumour growth or may act in an opposite manner in other tumour types.  Aim: To evaluate the association of mast cells in the different grades of Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma (OSCC).  Material and Methods: 45 diagnosed cases each of well, moderate and poorly differentiated OSCC were identified from the institutional archival material. Slides were made of 5 µm thickness and stained with Hematoxylin and eosin and 1% Toluidine blue stain. Each section was evaluated for mast cells in peritumoural, intratumoural locations and at the invasive front of the tumour. The results obtained were subjected to statistical evaluation by an SPSS version 19 using Chi square test, Anova and Post hoc Tuckey tests.  Results: An inverse relation was observed between MC count with grade of the tumour with maximum MC located in the peritumoural area followed by the invasive front and the least in the intra tumou

An Approach of Acute Encephalitis Syndrome in Muzaffarpur, Bihar; A Different Perspective | Chapter 13 | Innovations in Medicine and Medical Research Vol.2

Acute encephalitis syndrome (AES) is a disease characterized by fever and mental confusion, disorientation, delirium, or coma. It could be due to various causes such as viruses, bacteria, fungus, parasites, spirochetes, chemical, and toxins. This chapter is an outcome of an Epidemiological investigation of AES occurred in Muzaffarpur, Bihar in 2011 which was done by a team consisting of experts from various disciplines. The team visited Muzaffarpur, from 14th to 20th July 2011 and reviewed the situation of deaths among children due to AES, as directed by the Authorities. A total of 147 cases of fever with altered sensorium were admitted between 11th June to 18th July 2011 in a private hospital and a Medical College Hospital of Muzaffarpur. Out of these, 54 patients died indicating case fatality rate of 36.73%. Clinico-epidemiological and environmental evidence supports the diagnosis of Acute Encephalitis Syndrome which has significant mortality, affecting predominantly rural populatio

Hybrid Appliance for the Correction of Parafunctional Habits | Chapter 12 | Innovations in Medicine and Medical Research Vol. 2

Tongue thrusting and thumb sucking are the most commonly seen oral habits which act as the major etiological factors in the development of dental malocclusion. This case report describes a fixed habit correcting appliance, Hybrid Habit Correcting Appliance (HHCA), designed to eliminate these habits. This hybrid appliance is effective in less compliant patients and if desired can be used along with the fixed orthodontic appliance. Its components can act as mechanical restrainers and muscle retraining devices. It is also effective in cases with mild posterior crossbites. Author(s) Details Reji Abraham Department of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, Sri Hasanamba Dental College and Hospital, Hassan, Karnataka, India View Book :-

Immunotherapy Using Mycobacterium w Vaccine in Locally Advanced Head and Neck Cancer: Illustrative Research | Chapter 11 | Innovations in Medicine and Medical Research Vol. 2

The oncological treatment has been advanced promisingly over the past decades. The patients may be treated with surgery, chemotherapy (CT), radiotherapy (RT) or combination of these treatment modalities. Immunotherapy for prevention and treatment of malignant disease is also in initial stage and has raised a hope that improving immune mechanism can be of use. Most suitable treatment modality for the patient is selected after the final diagnosis. The use of Mycobacterium w (Mw) vaccine in Head and neck cancer (HNC) is an effort to reduce treatment induced toxicity with resultant improvement in the response rate. Immunotherapy in the form of Mw vaccine may be useful as concurrent therapy with radical intent concomitant chemo radiation treatment to improve response rate with less side effects in patients suffering from locally advanced head and neck squamous cell carcinoma Author (s) Details Dr. Rakesh Dhankhar   Department of Radiotherapy, Regional Cancer Centre, Pt. Bhagwat Dayal

Development on Tumor Associated Antigen with Specific Target toward Lung Cancer: Recent Developments | Chapter 19 | Innovations in Medicine and Medical Research Vol. 2

Tumor liberated protein (TLP) has been previously described as a TAA (complex) present in the sera from lung cancer patients with early stage disease. Since early detection improves overall survival in lung cancer, identification of screening biomarkers for patients at risk for the development of this disease represents an important target. Starting from the peptide epitope RTNKEASI previously isolated from TLP complexes, we generated a rabbit anti-RTNKEASI serum. This antiserum detected and immunoprecipitated a 55 kDa protein band in the lysate of the lung cancer cell line A549. This protein band was identified as aldehyde dehydrogenase is form 1A1 through mass spectrometry, revealing the molecular nature of at least one component of the previously described TLP complex.  Author(s) Details Giulio Tarro Beaumont Bonelli Foundation for Cancer Research, Naples, Italy and Committee on Biotechnologies and VirusSphere, World Academy of Biomedical Technologies, UNESCO, Paris, France.

Evaluation of Novel Cost-effective Technique for Speedy Resolution of Infantile Umbilical Hernia: Ammannaya’s Technique | Chapter 18 | Innovations in Medicine and Medical Research Vol. 2

Umbilical hernia in the infant is common and resolves in majority of the cases by 6 years of age. Observation till this age and surgery in the event of persistence are the widely followed management strategies. Trusses, taping and adhesive strapping have been tried to achieve speedy resolution with variable success and a significant incidence of skin complications. We present a novel, simple, easily reproducible, and highly cost-effective technique to achieve complete resolution of infantile umbilical hernia in a span of 8 weeks, with no skin complications.  Author(s) Details Dr. Ganesh Kumar K. Ammannaya Department of Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgery, Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Medical College and General Hospital, Sion, Mumbai, India. Ninada Sripad Department of Microbiology, Goa Medical College, Goa, India. View Book : -

Fluoroquinolone Resistance in Relation to Phylogenetic Background and Iron Uptake Associated Virulence Profile among Urinary Escherichia coli Isolates from HIV and Non-HIV Patients | Chapter 9 | Innovations in Medicine and Medical Research Vol.2

Introduction: Urinary tract infection is a major cause of morbidity among HIV patients and is more often underestimated in developing countries. Urinary Escherichia coli isolated from HIV and non-HIV patients in South India were analyzed to determine the virulence profile and phylogenetic distribution and their correlation with fluoroquinolone (FQ) resistance. Methods: This study aimed to assess the difference in the incidence of iron uptake associated virulence genes among urinary E. coli isolated from HIV (n= 76) and non-HIV antenatal patients (n=42). We compared the incidence of virulence associated genes (VAGs) among the E. coli isolates in relation to FQ resistance, phylogeny and host immunocompromise.  Results: fyuA was higher among the isolates from HIV than from non-HIV patients (P=0.00024).              E. coli isolates from HIV, non-HIV patients primarily belonged to the phylogroups D and B2 respectively. Q and FQ resistance were higher among isolates from HIV patients compa

Investigation of Concealed Homicide and Establishment of Positive Identification: A Critical Study | Chapter 8 | Innovations in Medicine and Medical Research Vol. 2

To conceal a crime to be detected by the investigating agencies like police and doctor is the prime moto for the criminals. These concealed homicides are very difficult to investigate by the investigating officers starting from confirmation of alleged accused to the collection of positive evidences in favour of the case to prove beyond doubt in the court of law. More difficulties arise when they try to destroy the evidences by concealing dead body of offence, by throwing the body in the unapproachable area or making difficult to identify by relatives or investigation officers by burning or mutilating the deceased by the accused. A case is discussed here, having similar observations that the accused tried to concealed the crime by burning the dead body on the outskirt of the city. Various aspects in this case like cause of death, establishment of positive identification etc. are discussed in this paper.  Author(s)Details Mohammed Iliyas Sheikh Professor and Head,Forensic Medicin

Study on Human Vaccines for Oncogenic Viruses and Perspectives for Tumor Antigens Induced by Virus | Chapter 7 | Innovations in Medicine and Medical Research Vol.2

The Variola major, the virus that causes the smallpox, lethal virus in the 30% of the cases, was eraticated in 1979 in the human species, thanks to a capillary vaccination on global scale. Recently the Word Health Organization (WHO) declared that India and Southeast Asia are polio-free, really a great achivement since the vaccine for polio, an infectious desease that can cause paralysis, was certificated safe and useful only 60 years ago. The vaccine for the virus, responsible for hepatitis B infection HBV, is able to prevent 50% of all liver cancers. Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) have been correlated with the cervical cancer (genotypes 16 and 18 particularly oncogenic in humans): the USA Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2006 released the first vaccine against HPV. Finally, the ability of the immune system to recognize a tumor-associated antigen enables the development of a vaccine approach for therapeutic application and represents a main target of this field of research. Long yea

From Sequence of Tumor Liberated Protein (TLP) to Potential Targets for Diagnosis and Therapy: Advanced Study | Chapter 6 | Innovations in Medicine and Medical Research Vol.2

A preliminary analysis of immunoprecipitation followed by Western Blotting (WB) shows corin and TLP precipitate at the same level (approximately 50 KDa) and are recognized by the same antibodies. In parallel the tests of immunoprecipitation were improved by the use of cell extracts derived from lung cancer cells A549 and NCI-H23 with the aim of obtaining a precipitate containing only the TLP. In fact the partial amino acid sequence of TLP shows a high homology with the sequence of human corin (only one amino acid is different) and is present in lung cancer under different isoforms. It is known that human corin is expressed mostly outside the cells and the protein extract derived from the extracellular medium and from the cells transfected with the plasmid, which over expresses corin, shows several bands analysed on SDS-PAGE that are equivalent to the bands (about 50-100 KDa) observed in the WB analysed by anti-TLP. Author (s) Details Giulio Tarro Beaumont Bonelli Foundation for

Evaluation of In vitro Antioxidant and Diuretic Potential of Ethanol Extract of Gongronema latifolium Leaves on Wistar Albino Rats | Chapter 5 | Innovations in Medicine and Medical Research Vol.2

Medicinal herbs are the significant source Diuretics, phytochemicals and antioxidants. Gongronema latifolium had been widely used for its reported biological activities in indigenous system of medicine. The diuretics, phytochemicals and antioxidant properties were evaluated considering their possible contribution to improve the use of herbal products in treatment of diseases. The phytochemical properties such as Tannins, Alkaloids, saponin, steroids, flavonoids, glycosides and terpenoid were observed to be present after the qualitative analysis on the plant extract. The antioxidant activity was determined using nitric oxide, lipid peroxidation and 2,2-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl free radical scavenging activities. The plant extract showed 93.18% inhibition in nitric oxide at highest (200 µg/ml) used. This is higher when compared to DPPH and lipid peroxidation extract which are 90.652 and 90.99 mg respectively. The percentage inhibition of the plant extract showed low inhibition concentr

Origin of the Viruses and Their Evolutionary History: Recent Advancement | Chapter 4 | Innovations in Medicine and Medical Research Vol.2

The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) originated via a process of natural evolution, probably emerging from the primate SIV reservoir into the human population via hunting or other behavior involving contact with the blood of these animals. A particular subspecies of chimpanzee, the Pantroglodytes troglodytes, has been recognized as the most probable original source of human infection. Analysis of viral genetic sequences has allowed researchers to estimate that the native strain of HIV originated in 1931. In the West, sexual behavior patterns and injecting drug use subsequently began the epidemic. Polymerase Chain reaction (PCR), is a technique in molecular biology that amplifies a specific region of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), and has been useful in the molecular characterization of viruses. The Variola major, the virus that causes the smallpox, lethal virus in the 30% of the cases, was eradicated in 1979 in the human species, thanks to a capillary vaccination on global scale. It h

Comparative Study between Anthracycline Based Regimen and Taxane Based Regimen in Metastatic Gastric Cancer: General Perspectives | Chapter 3 | Innovations in Medicine and Medical Research Vol.2

Introduction: Taxanes and anthracyclin containing regimes are the most successful regimens in advanced gastric cancer with comparable results but with different toxicity profiles. Objective: To compare efficacy and toxicity of 2 regimens one containing anthrathycline (ECSF regimen) and other contain taxane (PCF regimen) as a first line therapy in advanced gastric cancer. Methods: Between May 2011 and Dec 2015, a total of 120 patients with locally advanced and metastatic gastric adenocarcinoma were included in the study, 60 patients received  ECSF (Epirubicin 50 mg/m2 iv  d1, Cisplatin 60 mg/m2 iv d1, 5-FU 1750 mg/m2/d “1 and 8” CIVI over 24 h, Folinic acid 200 mg /m2 day 1, 8 repeated every 3 weeks), while, another 60 patients received PCF (Paclitaxel 150 mg/m2 IV on day 1; Cisplatin 15 mg/m2 IV on days 1-5 and 5-FU 600mg/m2/day CIVI  d1-5 every 3 weeks) until disease progression or unacceptable toxicities. Results: ORR of ECSF was superior to PCF arm, 47% vs. 34% respectively p = 0.

Research on Containment of Ebola – Steps to Prevent Spread of Emerging Infectious Diseases: The Nigeria Example | Chapter 2 | Innovations in Medicine and Medical Research Vol.2

Emerging infectious diseases are diseases whose incidence in humans have increased in the past decades or threaten to increase in the near future. The epidemiological and Laboratory techniques needed to detect, investigate and contain a deliberate outbreak are the same as those used for natural outbreaks. The threat to Nigeria posed by the arrival in Lagos of a patient acutely ill with Ebola was potentially enormous. Six response teams were deployed within the Emergency Operations Centre; 1) Epidemiology/ Surveillance, 2) Case Management/ Infection Control, 3) Social mobilization, 4) Laboratory Services, 5) Point of Entry and 6) Management / Coordination. The strategy group reviewed and approved all of the teams work and needed resources. Eleven patients with laboratory confirmed Ebola were admitted and discharged, an additional patient was diagnosed at convalescent stage while eight patients died.   Author(s) Details Dr. Y. J. Peter Department of Medical Microbiology and Parasito

Detailed Study on Pattern of Cancer Pain in Patients Admitted at a Tertiary Care Centre in Northern India- A Prospective Observational Study | Chapter 1 | Innovations in Medicine and Medical Research Vol.2

Aims: Pain being the commonest symptom in cancer, its prevalence and pattern needs to be studied. The aim of this study was to evaluate the prevalence and pattern of cancer pain in admitted patients. Study Design: Prospective observational study. Place and Duration of Study: This study was carried out at Cancer Research Institute, Swami Rama Himalayan University, Dehradun, India, between January 2018 and April 2018. Methodology: After institutional ethical clearance and written informed consent 393 patients were enrolled in the study. We prospectively evaluated patients admitted with diagnosis of cancer for presence, severity and pattern of pain, using clinical assessment and numerical pain scale at admission and at discharge. Chi-square test was used for categorical data and multivariate analysis was performed with multinominal regression and ANNOVA tests. Results: In 393 patients prevalence of pain, moderate-severe pain, neuropathic pain (NPP), mixed pain was 67%, 47.8%, 10.2% and 3

Dental Treatment of a Child with Pallister-Killian Syndrome: Critical Research | Chapter 10 | Innovations in Medicine and Medical Research Vol.2

The Pallister-Killian syndrome (PKS) is an extremely rare genetic disorder with an incidence estimated around 1/25000 and a multiple congenital anomaly deficit syndrome caused by mosaic tissue limited tetrasomy for chromosome 12p. The presented report is the first confirmed case with PKS in Turkey. This report focuses on the orofacial clinical manifestations of an 6-year-old boy with PKS who was referred to the Department of Paediatric Dentistry clinic, Gazi University. It has been learned that the PKS was diagnosed 1 year after birth. Due to intellectual disability, it was decided to make the dental treatments under moderate sedation. Although significant tongue thrust and anterior open bite were determined, any oral appliances could not be applied because of the 2 epilepsy seizures in the last 2 years. The aim was to treat decayed teeth and set good oral hygiene in the patient’s mouth. Still, there is a probability for epilepsy seizures. If epileptic seizures stop permanently, we c

Financial Analysis as a Consideration for Stock Exchange Investment Decisions in Tanzania: Recent Trends | Chapter 10 | Emerging Issues and Development in Economics and Trade Vol. 4

Stock exchange investment in Tanzania is growing fast, and many people of different varieties of income are participating in the purchase of shares commonly known as stock exchange. However, there is seemingly little concern on the use of financial analysis on the part of local individual investors when purchasing the shares. Hence, this chapter presents the findings of the study on financial analysis as a consideration for stock exchange investment decision making in Tanzania. The study was originally conducted for four months from July to October 2006. Perhaps it is true that knowledge is vital in all essence, hence we have amalgamated some resent knowledges to make our book more current and understandable. As it is indicated that this chapter is a study which incorporates six brokers, indeed yes but the current situation has seen an increase of brokers to 13. In that regard, we have talked to them in order to amplify this study, and all have cemented the earlier study, and had few

Farmers’ Perception towards Sugarcane Technologies of Farm University in Karnataka, India | Chapter 9 | Emerging Issues and Development in Economics and Trade Vol.4

The Zonal Agricultural Research Station, University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore, has been carrying out the research on major crops like Rice (Oriza sativa L.)., Finger millet                           (Eleusine coracana)., Sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum)., Maize (Zea mays L.) etc., considering the agro-climatic, location specific and need based demands of the farmers since its inception 1930s, many good agricultural practices were developed and they were transferred to farmers. There was need to evaluate the performance of these technologies in farmers’ field from time to time. One such technology selected for the study is, the sugarcane variety CO-86032 which was released during 2003-04 and it was compared with the local prevailing check variety CO-62175. An Ex-post-facto survey type of research design was adopted. The research objectives of the study are to find out the perception of farmers regarding performance of these farm technologies on their field regarding cane yie

An Assessment of Tax Morale among Mauritian Taxpayers: Advanced Study | Chapter 8 | Emerging Issues and Development in Economics and Trade Vol.4

Taxation has gained considerable attention in the past few year and lot of studies have been done on tax evasion and tax compliance. This study assesses the level of tax and identifies factors that shape tax morale in Mauritius. A self-developed questionnaire was distributed to 250 randomly respondents and a logistic regression analysis was used to analyse data collected. A high degree of tax morale is required to achieve high level of tax compliance. The result shows that socio -demographic and socio economic factors have an impact on tax morale and it can be seen that social norm, fairness and equity, trust in government and in tax authority are determinants that shape tax morale. The findings are in line with that some authors who found out that that there is a positive correlation between inequity and tax evasion. The study recommended that population should be educated, tax system should be simplified, government should be fair and tax authority should respect the population. 

A Novel View on Collective Actions and Dynamic Capabilities in Competitive Advantage: Empirical Examination of Minor Export Crop Farms in Sri Lanka | Chapter 7 | Emerging Issues and Development in Economics and Trade Vol.4

Aims: Agribusiness sector is facing several challenges due to a rapid weather and technological changes. This is urged a collective approach. Literature has acknowledged that agribusiness farms which engage in collective actions generate greater value-add and enhance socio-economic contributions of a country. However, its relative importance along with the dynamic capabilities possessed by farms and subsequently competitive advantage has received very little research attention. Theoretically, this study examines the resource-based view in combination with the dynamic capability theories. Study Design: Specifically, the minor export crop farm owners involved in the commercial cultivation of cinnamon, pepper and clove in Sri Lanka were surveyed using a personally-administered, structured questionnaire.  Results: The results of regression-based path analysis indicate a significant relationship between collective actions and competitive advantage, as well as between collective actions an

The Prospect of Catastrophe Securitization in China: Recent Developments | Chapter 12 | Emerging Issues and Development in Economics and Trade Vol.4

The purpose of this paper is to prospect catastrophe securitization in China. The catastrophe security market is well developed in developed countries, but in much of Asia it is in its early stages. The reason attributed for this is the close interdependencies of corporates and insurance companies in funding their risk exposures and the lower prevalence of sophisticated risk management practices. However, things slowly started changing in Asia, especially in China, with corporate recognizing that better risk management practices have a positive affect on their financial earnings. The securitization of catastrophe risk has the potential to rapidly alter the China’s risk management landscape. Through development of the catastrophe security markets, policyholders can be protected from (re)insurer’s credit risk, (re)insurers can overcome the limitation of capacity, and investors investing capital markets can diversify their portfolios. The growth and survival of the catastrophe security m

Crop by-products and Residues Availability and Utilization as Feed Resources for Small Ruminant Production Systems in Khana Local Government Area, Rivers State, Nigeria | Chapter 11 | Emerging Issues and Development in Economics and Trade Vol.4

In Nigeria the most difficult problem in ruminant feeding is the scarcity of energy and protein feedstuffs during the dry season. There is also competition between ruminant species with humans for the utilization of cereals. This can be resolved by utilizing crop or agricultural by-products to ameliorate feed deficit problems. This article reviewed the state of availability and utilization of crop by-products as livestock feeds for small ruminants in Khana Local Government Area of Rivers State, Nigeria. It was revealed that the predominant crop by-products in order of availability and utilization as livestock feeds were cassava peels, yam peels, sweet potato peels, plantain peels, banana peels, cocoyam peels, maize sievate and fried garrisievate. Their use is highly recommended because of their ready availability, cheapness and acceptability that can help to solve the problems of food deficits for small ruminants in the area. Factors that will limit their use are: availability in term

Economic Growth and Environmental Pollution in Brunei: ARDL Bounds Testing Approach to Cointegration: A New Perspective | Chapter 6 | Emerging Issues and Development in Economics and Trade Vol. 4

Aims: This study examined the short-run and long-run dynamic relationship between economic growth and environmental pollution in Brunei. We adopted Auto Regressive Distributed Lag (ARDL) model to scrutinize the existence of the Environmental Kuznets Curve (EKC) among the studying variables by using time series data cover the period of 1974 to 2014.  Methodology: The ARDL bound test revealed the existence of a long-run relationship among the integrated variables when CO2 chosen as a dependent variable. Results: The results support the existences of EKC hypotheses in the long-run whereas in the shortrun an inverted U-shaped curve was not confirmed between GDP and CO2 in Brunei. The results of Granger causality based on VECM analysis have shown unidirectional causality runs from economic growth to CO2 in the short-run. Further analysis through stability test indicates the coefficients in the model are stable and do not suffer from structural break within the time taken in the study. Conc

Human Resource Management in Government: Case Study of Vietnam: Brief Overview | Chapter 5 | Emerging Issues and Development in Economics and Trade Vol. 4

This article is represented for a case study about human resource management in government of Vietnam. The research objective is to assess the existing system of human resource management in government of Vietnam and find out the direction of human resource management in government. The research demonstrated a moving from the existing system to the professional system from internal weaknesses and external challenges of the human resource management in Government of Vietnam. A combination of career based system and position based system is the right strategy for Vietnam as well as developing countries. Key elements of position based system and new public management should be adopted with a best practice of competency based human resource management framework which is very productive for Vietnam and developing countries Author(s) Details Prof. Dr. Do Phu Hai  Department of Public Policy, Hanoi University, Vietnam. View Book: -

Impact of Finger Millet Varieties on Yield and Income of the Farmers in Mandya District, Karnataka | Chapter 4 | Emerging Issues and Development in Economics and Trade Vol. 4

The Finger Millet (Eleusine coracana L.) is a staple food in southern Karnataka popularly known and called as ‘Ragi’ in kannada vernacular language. To enhance its productivity the University of Agricultural Sciences, Bengaluru (UASB) is engaged in evolving location specific, farmer need based farm technologies through its Zonal Agricultural Research Stations (ZARS) spread over in Southern Karnataka since its inception 1965. To its credit, it has developed and released many farm technologies for the farmers to adopt. Among these, the improved high yielding Finger Millet variety KMR-204 was one. It has genetic advantages over the other local varieties, such as high yielding, blast tolerance, short duration and preferred for late sowing when rains are delayed. Such improved variety was released and recommended during 2011 for wider adoption for the growers in southern dry zone of Karnataka. Since then, many growers had adopted the variety. After lapse of 5 years of its release, the UASB

The Policy of the Monetary Authorities during Crises of Global Finance and Post-Crises Recession (1994-2019) | Chapter 3 | Emerging Issues and Development in Economics and Trade Vol. 4

Since the beginning of the 80s of twentieth century, a global financial and economic environment system was formed, and one sign of which were the crises of the global finance (crises in Mexico, Southeast Asian countries, the Russian default, the global crisis of 2008-2009). Anti-crisis measures of the monetary authorities are a combination of Keynesian and monetarist prescriptions. The first are nationalization, purchase by state (or regional financial institutions) distressed assets, the maintenance of employment and demand, social programs, state spending on High-tech. The second are tax breaks, reducing rates of discount and rates of interest, avoiding inflation by controlling the money supply. These measures made fundamentals of anti-recessionary policy of the G20. But in 2010-2019 the World economy faced slow recession, downgrades or sluggish growth, risks of new crisis. These processes reflect the pattern of global crises (transition to technological revolution 4.0, new sources

Importance of Financial Education in Making Informed Decision on Spending: Recent Study | Chapter 2 | Emerging Issues and Development in Economics and Trade Vol. 4

The discourse of spending is important if finance is of concern. Those who save money realize the fact that wise spending leads to saving and hence investing. A household that spends unwisely can end up complaining on insufficient funds attained. Governments and organizations which spend unwisely will always cry for budget deficit. Therefore, this chapter provides a discussion on the importance of financial education (financial literacy) in making informed decision on spending. We have people in our families who always cry for insufficiency of funds. And to them they think that God has given an outright favor to some people to enjoy the lives. But we also notice that those who seem prosperous most of them are not Godly. They demonstrate a bad behavior to families, to people near them, to our kids. If their prosperity is a result of God’s blessing, we could at least realize that these people are believers.  It was from that line of thinking this study became eminent. This chapter exem

Economy-wide Learning: A Comparative Study of Manufacturing and Non-manufacturing Sectors in Japan | Chapter 1 | Emerging Issues and Development in Economics and Trade Vol.4

In knowledge economies, building technological capability is a continuous process and unarguably key to industrial policy development. Learning [by-doing in the industry] has been linked to a reduction in unit labor cost and overall production cost of goods and services. In this study, we comparatively studied the learning pattern of the Japanese manufacturing and service sector using industrial-leveldata. This study is perhaps the first attempt to comparatively study the productivity of the Japanese industry using the learning curve at the aggregate level. Looking back to almost 4 decade-long (19802017) of financial input-output data, we estimated the trend in technological learning using various learning models, calculated the annual progress ratios (via production function imputed in log-linear & cubic model) and revealed the dynamic technological learning across the two sectors at the aggregate level. This enabled us to identify years with good learning rates which are synonym

Research in Didactics of Natural Sciences and Pedagogical Innovation for Scientific Education | Book Publisher International

The research theme "Didactics of life and earth sciences and pedagogical engineering" is part of the opening and complementarity of our LIRDIST laboratory to training and development. This book aims at a research work in education and training, in order to bring concrete proposals for teaching in life and earth sciences, taking into account our educational and university context: it is a question of producing and developing didactic engineering related to these scientific contents, ready for direct applications in teaching situations (lectures, tutorials, and practical work, scientific debates...). Research investigations in the study of the problematic of the integration of ICT in secondary and higher education, are also explored on various issues related to digital environments: computer tools, teaching software, simulations, distance education, and teaching platforms. The objective is first to contribute to international research work on the integration of ICT in educatio